Part II Minute 71 – Trapped!

Part 2 Minute-00071

The two Biffs leave, locking Marty inside the garage.

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7 thoughts on “Part II Minute 71 – Trapped!

  1. Ermahgerd, I can’t believe I caught up. I’ve been listening while getting ready to move and I’m just so grateful to have something so wonderful to distract me. I’ll probably be going back and leaving more notes on a few episodes, but I just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ for the fun & thoughtful BTTF discussions! xoxo

  2. Doc went home, and probably saw the speaker, before going to the Twin Pines Mall. He had to pick up the Plutonium that was still hidden under Marty’s bed in the opening scene, but forgot the camcorder sitting on top of that same bed.

  3. Why didn’t old Biff warn young Biff he was going to get punched by George at the dance that night? “And one more thing: watch out for a man in a WHITE TUX.”

    Maybe he figured he’d earn money and fame through the almanac winnings, he could afford to get a little beat up along the way. Small price to pay. Or maybe (probably) the whole event slipped his mind.

    • I doubt that old Biff recognized the significant turning point George’s punch became in his life. But really, could you honestly say that Alpha Biff’s life was better? An out-of-date alcoholic has-been that was still bullying the same guy he did in high school, versus a reinvented independent business owner that must kowtow and boot lick to keep his customers happy.

      Between the two, although deep down Beta Biff was still a bully at his center, (taunting “Marty Jr” at Cafe 80s), and the servile sweetie facade was just an act, (which falls away for a moment when he sees the Delorian take flight in 1985) I would still say that Biff was happier as Beta Biff. He didn’t have to be so DEFENSIVE.

  4. I think the only thing that really irritates me is that I became an associate producer in order to put Dueling Genre over the $250 mark, and then somebody who was contributing something like $5 dropped out. Like, I’ve seen it happen with other Patreon pages where somebody gets all the Patreon-exclusive content they wanted by chipping in the minimum, and then they stop paying, which means that you’d made the milestone aaaand no, you didn’t. I’m still chipping in the amount I started with, but wow, that was annoying. And the fact that somebody had to pay less than a dollar because of Patreon’s fees (which they never tell you about, of course, which is why I’m paying something like $80 because I was trying to pay juuuust enough, and it actually wasn’t enough) is kind of mind-boggling. I’m more than happy to support the show, but geez, Patreon needs to be more upfront about how much of a cut they’re taking out of your contribution, and how much of a contribution you actually have to put into the kitty in order to actually contribute the amount you want.

    (Sorry for the rant, there.)

    I think Thomas F. Wilson was talking about when he was a kid and a teenager when he got picked on. There’s one of his stand-up routines available on YouTube where he talks about being a tuba player in his school marching band, and the fact that he was asthmatic too must not have helped at all.

    I cracked up when you were talking about MJF being able to fit through tiny spaces. I never really noticed how fluid his physicality was in the Tannen garage before, but now that I’m concentrating on it, it reminds me of the gymnasts in Cirq du Soleil, where they’re doing all sorts of flips and twists, but they’re going so slowly and you can see how much muscle control it takes to go in slow-motion with things that we’d usually see in the Olympics or something.

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