Part II Minute 7 – Fascinatingly Logical

Part 2 Minute-00007

Doc lands the DeLorean in an alley of the future in heavy rain, before it instantly clears up exactly five seconds later.

GUEST: Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack


One thought on “Part II Minute 7 – Fascinatingly Logical

  1. I thought that the alley was fascinating because of the huge compacted cubes of laserdiscs. We’re still using CDs, because we haven’t seen anything mass produced to replace CDs, but laserdiscs are just gone now in favor of DVDs and Blu-ray.

    Ejection seats! I would think it would be safer to stay in the car, instead of getting them out? I mean, in regular cars, there’s airbags to keep people safe while in an accident. And also? Ejection seats would mean that, unless cars are severely altered from how they are now? People would slam into the roof of the car.

    Considering that Doc’s idea of parking a car in 1985 is taking out the McFly Residence trash cans, Doc had to have sprung for auto-landing stuff for the DeLorean.

    Hee hee, the Action comics! That’s so awesome. He just introduces comic book inflation to 2015, and Doc just doesn’t care.

    The only trouble with a barcode is that unless the scan gun is really good, the scanner might mistake your car for someone else’s, or it comes back as not a valid number. (This happens all the time at work. Unless you scan them juuust right, it’ll kick back “This is not an item in the system”, and it’s like, “What? Oh, there’s a big slash in the beginning, dammit.” *delete delete* *beep* “There we go.”)

    Betamax went to VHS, and there were laserdiscs in the early ’80s. They were these huge things inside of these indestructible plastic covers where you popped the whole thing into the machine, and when laserdiscs evolved, these were just these massive DVDs.

    Okay, the idea of trash powering things is seriously awesome. Take old dumpsters, and turn them into Mr. Fusion things, only bigger. 😀 It would be like pages that have to empty the bookdrop. At certain times of the day, somebody from the business has to go outside and load up the fusion thing.

    To be fair, the idea that the weather service actually controls the weather is pretty impressive. I can see Doc being enough of a tourist that he’s still impressed by neat things like that, even if he’s seen it a hundred times already.

    Doc’s general plan for fixing Marty’s future family is so logically awkward. I’m sure that you guys will talk about it in a minute or two, but like, Doc’s big plan is just to have Marty pretend to be his son, Just Say No to Robberies, and that’s it? And, of course, he has to use the alpha-wave generator in order to knock out Marty Jr. to keep him out of the way. (The only reason that the plan doesn’t have to be more complex is because Griff has the mental capacity of cheese, and that’s kind of embarrassing. “Marty, your children are going to go to prison, and it will be the fault of a teenager whose bionic implants are screwy. Also, Griff is naturally stupid.”) When Doc is all frantic that he needs Marty’s help to save his family, I always kept envisioning something more complex, especially if Doc needed Marty’s help with it specifically.

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