Part II Minute 68 – Love Threats

Part 2 Minute-00068

Biff threatens Lorraine with promises of matrimony before finding an old man in his car.

GUEST: Norman Benford from Back to the Future: The Podcast


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 68 – Love Threats

  1. You guys deemed Biff unlikely to ever fight on someone else’s behalf, but I don’t know. If, in some alternate reality, Lorraine started going out with Biff, I bet he’d be very defensive of her–“Hey bozo, don’t you stare at MY GIRL.” And I could picture him acting a little bit knight-in-shining-armor-but-in-a-creepy-way. Like taking her to the movies, buying her gifts and…actually no, you guys are right, he would probably buy her gifts that are actually for himself and every time he’d go out with her, it would be to boost his ego in public. Wow okay nevermind.

  2. [06:09]
    If you want to go all anime about Biff reacting to being hit in the head with the box the dress came in, Lorraine was hitting him with all the power of her rejection. That hit came from Her Heart ™!

    For that description of what would’ve happened in 2016, you are my new favorite person, Norman. <3

    Ahahahahaha, truer words have never been spoken, Scott. I still find it absolutely hilarious that the Bobs modeled Hell Valley!Biff after Donald Trump.

    I knew about Bruno the Kid because I saw the cartoon a few times when I was little, but I hadn't realized that Bruce Willis actually had a popstar alter ego. O_O

    I love the fact that old!Biff can't drive. He used to be this car enthusiast, and he presumably still has the auto detailing business in 2015, but he can't driiiiiiiiiiiiive. Maybe his eyesight's not as good as it used to be.

    What the heeeeeeell? I wonder if it was one of those things where the reference sort of entered pop culture by the '50s, and nobody remembers where exactly it came from, but everyone immediately understands the reference. Kind of like how some memes just seem to come out of nowhere but by God, everyone and their dog knows exactly what you’re talking about the second you say it.

    I think part of the reason that Biff is so incredibly confident that he’s going to end up marrying Lorraine is that he just witnessed the moment in his life where Lorraine rejected him, and how that statement she made about “I wouldn’t marry you even if you had a million dollars” had always stayed with him, even after 60 years. Old!Biff might’ve forgotten a number of things since 1955, but I can see that sticking in his craw. And as a result, he knows that if he gives the almanac to his younger self, he knows that his younger self will stop at nothing until he marries Lorraine. So his older self is confident that Biff will marry Lorraine, one way or the other. (Hell, even old!Biff carries a torch for her because he tells the kid he thinks is Marty Junior “say hello to your grandma for me.”)

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