Part II Minute 64 – Another Doc

Part 2 Minute-00064

Doc goes over the plan to steal back the almanac with Marty, then gives him money for clothes.

GUEST: Crystal Beth


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 64 – Another Doc

  1. [01:46]
    Does Doc ever actually watch Marty while he’s in the middle of the action, doing his thing and getting shit done? Because if Doc has never seen Marty in action, he might think that he needs to tell Marty to pull out all the stops this time, when really, Marty’s version of “pulling out all the stops” is “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”

    … okay, now I want to see what Marty would be like as an Assassin in the Assassin’s Creed universe. O_O


    I can’t remember the timestamp for the briefcase of money, but I always figured that Doc never had money sense, so he ended up just burning it on money collectors. According to the comics, he recouped his family fortune (or something close to it) by selling rare comic books, so it’s quite possible that he did that again. Then again, it doesn’t explain how he had the money for buying the comics in the first place.

    Maybe he just started investing in collectible money while he was building the time machine because he knew that it would be successful because of the events in Part 1.

    • I really enjoy your theory that he began collecting money after he met Marty in 1955 and thus knew his time travel experiment would succeed.

      Also maybe the Brown family fortune consisted of a lot of old currency. It would be funny if some of his predecessors were just as scatterbrained as he in that they preferred to keep their savings in cash under their mattresses. So Doc just opens the safe and pulls out bills from different years.

  2. GUYS the Nuke the Fridge scene from Crystal Skull is from BACK TO THE FUTURE. You MUST know this oh my God okay so in the very first draft of Back to the Future I, the time machine is just this fridge-type box that requires Coca-Cola and a hell of a lot of power to work. How they get Marty back from 1955 (I think it’s 1951 in the draft) is Doc drives him out to a nuclear test site in Nevada, complete with replica 50s houses and those creepy mannequins, and Marty hops into the fridge-time-machine. The bomb goes off and Marty is propelled back home to 1981.

    And when Marty goes into one of the model houses, Howdy Doody is playing on the TV, just like in Indiana Jones. Spieeelllberrrrggg….

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