Part II Minute 63 – Gravity!

Part 2 Minute-00063

Doc and Marty return to 1955, parking the DMC behind the Lyon Estates billboard.

GUEST: Crystal Beth


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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 63 – Gravity!

  1. I was nine years old in 1989. The TV trailers for Part II started a few weeks before the release. I remember Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive sneak-peak of footage from Part II which was the first time seeing Fox as Marlene. I used to have that on a VHS tape that I recorded. On Nov 17, the Friday before the film was released, NBC aired Part I as the Froday night movie and had the making of Part II special hosted by Leslie Nielson on after the movie. This is the special that’s now on the DVDs; the infamous one with Bobby Z joking that Hoverboards were real.

    There was a coupon in the newspaper from Toys R Us for a free snack pack (I think they called it), I remember Oreos and other stuff and it came in a cardboard happy meal-like box, this was used to promote the film and the tie in toys. The BIG bonus was that it came with a BTTF 2 mini poster! (I still have it; my daughter used to have it in her bedroom. I have the DeLorean micromachine I got that day sitting in front of me at my desk at work.)

    The following Wednesday (Thanksgiving eve) the film opened. My mom took my brother and I opening night. There was a Delorean with the doors open parked in front of the theater behind velvet ropes with the soundtrack from the first film playing on the car stereo. The crowd was pumped.

    NOWHERE in ANY of the tons of promotion of this film was there ANY hint of Part 3! When “To Be Continued…” Came on the screen followed by the Part 3 trailer the audience was in complete surprise and laughed and cheered. It was glorious. I remember everyone leaving the theatre chattering about the cliffhanger and Part III.

    I wish I could be that surprised again. Now we know every casting decision months in advance. It’s not nearly as fun.

  2. [20:03]
    groans loudly

    Strickland would never let himself be a goon for Tannen, especially not after being his vice-principal. UGH.

    Yes, Crystal Beth — Thank God for rewrites!

    “Biff City” makes me think of “We built this city on rock and roooooooooll”.

    Hee hee. <3

    Omg, did you just say, "All the booze you can eat"? Does Biff exclusively drink Guinness?

    I wonder if part of the "saying stupid shit out loud" was to remind Bob that he did indeed have Marty remove his ID and other stuff so that when he was writing later in the same draft, he didn't suddenly have Marty with his ID from the future on him when he gets, I dunno, pulled over by cops or something.

    Omg, how were all those cars so quiet?

    I nearly started screaming at that description, OMG. I could imagine Marty with enormous blue eyes about to start screaming and flailing, and Doc just “Gravity” and omgggggggggggg EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



    Omg, they use it in the comics! That’s so amazing! Holy crap!

    I also wish they could’ve incorporated it into the final product because it is such a pat way of explaining why the DeLorean can’t get up to 88mph. Well, at least in the air. I imagine they could still do it on the ground, but they’d need a wide stretch of road and so on.

    Omgggggggg, that mental image is so freaking awesome. I’m still internally screaming. That would’ve been the iconic moment of the 1967 movie, hands down. Part 1 had the clock tower sequence. This movie could’ve had that. Wow.

    That’s all you got for this minute? I need a cigarette, and I don’t smoke. O_O

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