Part II Minute 62 – The Doc-Biff Interaction

Part 2 Minute-00062

Marty returns to the roof atop the DeLorean as Doc knocks Biff unconscious with the gull wing door and they make their escape back to 1955.

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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 62 – The Doc-Biff Interaction

  1. “What would a Christopher Lloyd/Tom Wilson scene be like?”

    Um.. Pretty damn sure it is called Back to the Future Part III. In fact, Doc’s 1885 reveal is him as a badass yelling “Just try it, Tannen!”

    I always wondered how much Doc ever knew about Biff. Marty yells, “He never stood up to Biff in his life!” Doc clearly is thinking about how a change in George’s personality will affect future events. But does he really understand who Biff is? Is Marty telling him all about the school bully? It seems to me that Marty would be pretty damned tight-lipped about the whole skateboard chase through the square as to not be admonished by Doc. That’s the only real time Marty would have talked about Biff, I’d think.
    “Hey Doc, this Biff guy was harassing my Mom at lunch and I came to her rescue and almost got into a fight in front of the whole school! You know, the complete opposite of our plan to get my mom interested in my dad, you know jeopardizing my own existence? Anyway, how was your day?” I’m sure as shit that Marty is not telling Doc the full truth about what he did all day in 1955.

    So, what about 1985 before time travel? Did Marty really tell Doc about his dad’s supervisor at work who bullies him? I really doubt it. But you know what? Doc in Part II is Beta Doc. The one who wears a bulletproof vest and sends happy-family-Marty back in time. So, at most maybe he knows of Biff’s Auto Detailing service. Of course 1985 Doc isn’t big on cleanliness, so I doubt his giant work van is being regularly waxed. (Now, I want to know more about Beta Doc’s life. After meeting Marty in 1955 and knowing he’ll succeed with his time machine, does he still live like a depressed hermit with a bed full of Burger King wrappers? Hmmm…)

    So, before 1985-A does Doc really know much about Biff? Remember he never mentions that Griff is related to Biff. He just calls him “that Griff character.” He seems to be aware of Old Biff because he recognizes the top of his cane when found in the DeLorean. Why would he even notice Old Biff during his time spent in 2015?? I can understand learning all about Biff from the newspapers in 1985-A, but Doc seems to know him anyway. Weird to me. Just a plot convenience for Doc to be as aware of Biff as Marty and the audience is.

  2. Just a minor comment on your characters-never-meeting aside: in the movie The Fifth Element, not only do the hero and villain never meet, they’re *never aware of each other’s existence*.

  3. [05:28]
    A Romulan is a spicy Vulcan? I dunno — AOS Spock was pretty spicy when he added that very silent but very loud Eff You to the Vulcan High Council in the first movie.

    Also, if you think about BTTF in terms of action vs comedy vs drama, this isn’t a series that really tries to be dramatic or High Science? The explanations make as much sense as they need to in order to progress with the stories, but the starting place is some really goofy stuff, especially with 1967 and Paradox. Yes, there’s some seriously dark stuff in there, but it’s not something that overtakes the entire series. It’s more “this is an illustration of how horrible things can get if things go Real Wrong”, and it’s easily corrected with some goofy 1950s shenanigans. And even in the 1950s, there’s no dark areas. Yeah, there’s a few mentions of “A colored mayor? THAT’LL be the day.” but it doesn’t really come up. (Okay, Hill Valley is sadly made of mayonnaise but that’s the Bobs’ limited worldview, perhaps.)

    Basically, we’re here because Doc and Marty are adorable, and we love them, and we want adventures of them being goofy and traveling through time and oops, I broke something, lemme go fix it, and yay happy endings all around!

    I love how the DeLorean has put up with abuse, and it’s just this quirky thing. Like, Marty can’t get it started in Part 1 before the iconic “I’m speeding towards the clock tower at really unsafe speeds”, and he ends up banging his head against the steering wheel, and yay! The engine turns over! And now it’s Doc hitting the time display with the heel of his hand. 😀

    If the DeLorean were a person, it would practically be a drug addict that has a bad habit of licking batteries and shoving their fingers into light sockets.

    Oh. Dear. God.

    Thank God for rewrites.

    WHAAAAAAAAT? Just– WHAAAAAT? That’s even worse than Biff doing the “here, let me tell you everything (because I’m secretly planning on killing you)” thing in the actual movie.

    Omg, wut.

    So, my eyes were widening during this description of Marty as a flower child (and the fact that Doc not only dressed him in that, but was somehow able to find clothes like that for Marty to wear in Hell Valley), and then I realized that Doc just needed to either change into his ketchup-and-mustard outfit, or he just needed to throw on a Hawaiian shirt, or something and he would’ve blended in just fine. Or maybe not. I dunno.

    Doc has a habit of dressing Marty in some weird clothes, no matter the version. O_O

    I sort of get a My Fair Lady vibe whenever Doc dresses Marty in era-appropriate clothes for some reason.

    The idea of Doc correcting Marty on his teenage slang in the ’60s is hilarious because it’s the old man correcting the teenager, as well as Doc being able to help Marty better acclimate to the era instead of already existing in the era and just sort of watching Marty in amazement that Marty is back in his life again.

    I ended up reading my copy of the ’67 draft, but I hadn’t gotten to that part about Marty using the slang correctly, but it’s such an adorable Doc and Marty besties moment. <3 Marty might have trouble at first, but he's a fast learner. And that's pretty much Marty in Part 1. <3

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