Part II Minute 61 – Poetic Justice

Part 2 Minute-00061

Biff follows Marty to the roof and reveals that he murdered George McFly, and Marty jumps.

GUEST: Crystal Beth


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 61 – Poetic Justice

  1. I wonder if the rooftop scene was actually poetic justice for an incident we don’t know about. Maybe Charlie Marty and George tried to kill Biff with that gun, I don’t know. It makes more sense for Biff to simply have his phrases confused again, but I like the idea of George trying to get one last shot at Biff. Because this timeline’s George is the George that punched Biff in ’55. He learned to stand up for himself. We can assume he was headed toward the successful 1985-B future when Biff took over. So George wasn’t exactly helpless here and I would imagine it wasn’t just a simple gunshot that did him in.

    !!! Marty doesn’t jump off the roof, which I love. I saw some outtakes footage in which they had Michael J. Fox leaping in spectacular arms-flailing-McFly fashion, and I’m so glad they scrapped that. That he just steps backward into the abyss is so quiet and badass. And he keeps eye contact with Biff the whole time HAHAHA.

    I keep going back to the thoughts you guys had during like, Minute 5 of Part I, when you were analyzing the glint of Marty’s guitar pick, and how it put us into Marty’s head, where he imagines himself as being super cool. Now Marty’s doing the same thing, but it’s WORKING. He’s playing like he’s slick and for once in his life he isn’t falling flat on his face. He’s got this. It’s more than a quick hood slide across the DeLorean; he gets a whole confrontation with Biff here and he’s acting cool and he isn’t undermined.

    Maybe he’s growing up. The stakes are higher and he’s got bigger responsibilities. His acting smooth isn’t just a silly teenager thing, it’s a means to solve some huge problems. I mean, there’s a whole timeline in the balance.

    Maybe Marty, with his quirky nature, is really the only person who could pull this off. Maybe this adventure through time is all he needed to find use for his dramatic, clumsy, rockstar-esque silliness. It completes him and gives him purpose he wouldn’t find in regular old Hill Valley. While he starts the series dreaming of being awesome, he gets in over his head. Then it turns out, no actually he’s got this. He’s the perfect person to do all of this.

  2. [03:22]
    Oh God, the pile of Martys is reminding me of the minute we did together where Doc was having to time the swerve into the McFly driveway just right, and he kept overshooting it and running Marty and Jennifer over until there was a pile.

    Biff owning the police means that if the police ever found that the ballistics matched the revolver that Biff owns, then that evidence gets conveniently disappeared, and the murder is officially unsolved. It’s really a sinister thing, that Biff has so much power that he really does own Hell Valley. He can do whatever he wants with impunity, and the rest of the city suffers unless there’s some serious flight to other cities in California or something.

    It’s a weirdly small amount because somebody ended up dropping out of the Patreon. I had been trying to design my contribution so that it would go over the $250 you needed for the No Roads Edition, but I can’t give $100 because I need to be careful about my spending habits. As a result, you guys had juuust enough to put it over, but when someone backed out, it put things back under. Sorry about that. 🙁

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