Part II Minute 60 – Stairwell Ninja

Part 2 Minute-00060

Biff calls his goons and tries to shoot him, but Marty escapes them both.

GUEST: Pat Driscoll


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 60 – Stairwell Ninja

  1. [-00:01]
    If ever there was a shot to put into the suspense movie cut of the movie, that picture is it.

    Also, yay for the first hour of Part 2!

    Barty? The name smush name for Biff/Marty is BARTY? D:

    (For a second, I thought you were saying “Barney”, which made me think of the purple dinosaur before I thought of Barney from the Simpsons, and I was so confused.)

    I was about to say that Marty wanted a matchbook because he knew about Biff’s auto-detailing business, but he was literally not in range to hear Biff say, “Marty! Hey! I wanna show you these matchbooks I had made for my business!”

    Maybe Marty thinks the matches might be useful for something later on? He knows at some point he’s going to have to destroy the almanac, but I dunno if he’s really thinking that far ahead at this point. :\

    If I remember that ashtray correctly, the matchbooks were just sort of laying on it? So if he tried to do the ninja-star thing, they’d just go flying and then the star wouldn’t work? IIIIIIIIII’m grasping at straws. It’s such a weird maneuver, but hey! Marty’s still alive, which means it worked.

    Not only would a 17yo use the stairs like that to solve this problem, a kid who’s very used to having to run from bullies when he sees them coming (like if Needles had a much more antagonistic “I’m gonna pound your face in” kind of relationship with Marty) would do that too. Go, go, McFly Parkour!

    Not only are they sewn together, they’ve been sewn together for years. They’ve never been more than a few feet apart from each other in each scene that we’ve seen them, iirc. Hell, remember the diner scene in Part 1 where Marty decks Biff, and then runs like hell out of the diner, and he pulls off a domino effect with all three of Biff’s goons? I bet he could’ve done something similar if this were an action movie, and Marty had been somebody like Jean-Claude Van Damme where he would’ve jumped up and grabbed the stairs above him in order to kick the lead dude in the face with both feet.

    I think the thing that gets to me is the fact that, in high school, Billy Zane doesn’t really have a theme, and yet in Hell Valley, Billy Zane has a cowboy hat and is making a Unregistered Silly Walk while bobbing and holding his gun.

  2. Marty throwing the ninja-star-ashtray-thing is setup for the frisbee joke in Part III, when he throws the pie pan at Mad Dog Tannen. Another one of those odd, “setting this up for the future which is actually gonna be the past” instances.

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