Part II Minute 6 – Alpha Rhythms

Part 2 Minute-00006

Jennifer asks too many questions about the future so Doc puts her to sleep and then takes the next exit off the skyway.

GUEST: Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack


3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 6 – Alpha Rhythms

  1. I just watched the “Back in Time” documentary, so if I get a bit weird, I apologize.

    Tto be fair, Jennifer wasn’t expecting to go to the future (despite the fact that Doc bursts on the scene and announces, hi, we need to go to the future). So, when she realizes, oh wow, future, she gets excited. Maybe she sort of believed that Doc could just build a flying time machine, which is why she’s not skeptical in the first place?

    The look on Doc’s face when Jennifer starts listing out the itinerary is just this horrified, “Oh, God, NO. We’re not doing *#&$, Missy!” *zap* (heeeeee, Doc staking his claim on Marty. “MY BOYFRIEND.” I was cracking up. <333333333333)

    If Doc had put her to sleep on the driveway, Biff would've found her. Yeah, I know you guys just mentioned that they could've returned to the exact minute that they left, but there's always a bit of lag time so that they never bump into themselves. Marty tries to deliberately get there early to stop the murder, and he ends up making it late so he's not interacting with himself. In the Telltale game, they even do it deliberately. If they were to dump Jennifer on the driveway, they would've had to hide her around the house so that when Doc and Marty came back from the future, they would've found her, got her in the car, and then dumped her at her place with the same "it was all a dream" excuse they use.

    In terms of the narrative, even in the film itself, there's not really anything going on that moves the story? I mean, they go to the future in order to stop Marty Jr. from joining a robbery, but what was to stop Marty Jr. from joining a future robbery headed by Griff Tannen? Doc was going to have to do another jump in order to try to fix the underlying problem with Marty Jr., which is that he really needed a dad who didn't hate life.

    My point (and I do have one) is that the "oh no, we have conflict" part of the plot takes a while to actually start. The story feels juuust clunky enough that the reason Doc takes Marty into the future was *just* so that Marty would see the almanac, buy it, and then Biff would steal it and take it into the past. If you're watching the movie for the first time, it feels like oh hey, Marty is wandering around and seeing cool stuff, neato, but when you've seen the movie a few times, the beginning feels like it drags a bit.

    The hyper lane is fascinating, because it lists Phoenix first, when you would think that Boston would be listed first, and then London. So, is it that you just go south first, and then you go northeast? Is that specific direction of highway pointed southward? Or am I thinking too much into it?

    Okay, Doc tinkering with the alpha-wave generator totally makes sense, actually. I can see him tinkering with so many different inventions to make them do whatever. Look at the DeLorean itself — it was deliberately designed by the filmmakers to look exactly like it was made in someone's garage. It had to look dangerous. Doc would totally do all kinds of wonky, dangerous modifications to inventions and mentally shrug because hey, it does what I want it to do. Like, he watched the YouTube videos you guys mentioned an episode or two back — random people just sticking Mr. Fusion's on their cars and these are how-to videos on how to do it.

    Hi, guys! I noticed the pretty website. šŸ˜€

  2. I really dislike that the second Jennifer realizes they’re in the future, the Bobs give her a “girly” explosion and that’s the joke. I can’t really picture the Jennifer Parker of the first movie finding out she’s thirty years down the timeline and, first gut reaction, getting excited about seeing her wedding dress.

  3. I forgot to mention! I would say that if the skyway’s lanes ran up and down (which is brilliant), the exit lane would likely be the one closest to the ground, as that’s really the only place to exit. Correspondingly, the fast lane would make sense if it were situated up at the top, in the jet stream. So you can go way fast nyoom.

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