Part II Minute 59 – How to Not Lose

Part 2 Minute-00059

Biff explains how the almanac works, but reveals that he was also given a warning.

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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 59 – How to Not Lose

  1. [-00:01]
    *snerk* Marty looks like he’s a little kid about to try to be “sneaky” and take something away from Dad.

    Which, given the context of this scene (and the Charlie-timeline relationships) is suuuuper creepy. O_O

    Awww, it’s okay, Nick! Maybe “gun cocking” or “hammer cocking”? Because Biff is cocking the hammer? Granted, the listeners who are 12-years-old are going to say, “hurr hurr, he said ‘cock’.” But y’know.

    From what I understand of the firing mechanism in a revolver, when you cock the hammer, the chamber rotates to the next one (which is presumably loaded) so that you can fire the next shot without having to spin the chamber yourself. You can see the principle in action if you have one of those cap guns that were shaped like revolvers. We had a blue one where you would “load” it with this tiny red ring with powder in each of the little cups, and as the hammer cocked, it would switch the chamber.

    Um, you just said that this was minute 74? I got soooo confused. It’s minute 59?

    I can understand the need for security, but if there was someone who was dumb enough to try to rob Biff Tannen in this timeline, and they found the safe, and then the lockbox, that would just make them even more eager to see what’s inside. Why is there a nesting egg of stuff? What goodies does this box hiiiiide?

    For a second, I thought you kept saying, “boy with apple”, and I’m going, “… there wasn’t a boy with an apple in the trilogy…?”

    If I was going to have a hidden thing in my house, I wouldn’t want it to just be a safe. I’d want it to be one of those hidden rooms, and there’s a bookcase that’s hiding it. That way, I can have a little secret lair all to myself that no one knows about unless they were paying attention to all the dimensions of my house.

    The only thing I can think of for Marty wanting the book is that he’s having a Moment of Weakness, and he has a split second of, “If I can steal this and take it back with me after Doc and I fix the timeline, I can still be rich.” But seeing as how Biff is RIGHT THERE, MARTY. HE CAN SEE YOU. it’s not going to work out well.

    (It’s not even the copy of the almanac he needs to burn — that’s the one in 1955. So there really is no point in Marty trying to take this one.)

    It’s hilarious that Biff actually has to have the old man teach him how to use the almanac. It’s like, “Wow, I was a major dumb shit. I need to stick around and actually show him how it’s done.” And then they show it later in this movie! Granted, it’s because Biff is understandably suspicious and skeptical of what this weird old man is doing, showing up out of the blue and offering him this weird book, but *still.*

    I also wonder if Biff cottoned on right away that it was a book from the future because it says 1950-2000 right on the cover. You would think he’d catch on, but this is Biff Tannen we’re talking about here.

    They wouldn’t think you had a book from the future, but I can definitely see people thinking that you had inside information, or that you were fixing races. I mean, that kind of stuff happens all the time, if TV shows are to be believed. And if you had inside information, then it could be that your winnings were declared null and void because you cheated, and I’m pretty sure that’s super-illegal. I’m actually surprised that nobody ever tried to investigate Biff for cheating ever since he kept winning different bets. Now, maybe they did, and they just couldn’t find anybody who could corroborate that Biff had insider knowledge, but I could see it happening at least once. Biff would have to hide the almanac that day in a better spot than his jacket pocket, of course.

    (Though if Doc were able to find the almanac by using a magnifying glass, I’m guessing that some officials got seriously bribed in order to let Biff keep winning, and they got some kickbacks or something.)

    Well, who’s to say that some of the horse-race betting places aren’t mob-owned? They’re into numbers and racketeering and stuff like that. Sure, NYC is going to be policed to hell and back, but somewhere in CA? Would they have that kind of protection? When you hear about Prohibition, you hear about NYC and Chicago, but you never end up hearing about places out West, unless you’re talking about Vegas, and Vegas feels like it has its own set of rules.

    How much money would Biff have had to put down in order to get BiffCo up and running, though? You don’t get the nickname “the Luckiest Man in America” if you make one bet, and that’s it. I mean, think about lottery winners. Yeah, they win the big prize money, but then you never hear from them again (because they’re most likely hiding out from people who want money from them). The “Luckiest Man in America” put down more than one bet, and it was so stunning and so wild because he’s betting on different games that he just had to be that lucky.

    You just know that some of that waste are people who crossed the wrong guys.

    Hell, even in the gangster-AU of the game, there were five big crime families in CA and the Tannens were affiliated with one of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they helped out mobsters in more populated areas in CA.

    Oh! I know. Biff is basically a Captain Planet villain. πŸ˜€ He’s just merrily dumping vats of toxic waste anywhere he pleases because it’s better for his bottom line, and he just doesn’t give a shit. πŸ˜€

    Omg, Vigo the Carpathian. It’s almost like Vigo and Trump had a baby and it was Charlie-Biff, ewww.

    So, you’re saying a Roland Emmerich movie is a live-action anime? πŸ˜€

    Holy crap, Brent Spiner’s in this one? Really? That’s awesome! Considering that he was Dr. Okun who died in ID1, I’m surprised that people haven’t started complaining about continuity. I remember you guys had mentioned that in a minute or two previous about Mad Max and people being in an uproar about Furiosa not returning in the next MM movie.

    Waaaaaait, I thought Dr. Okun died hardcore in the first movie?? He got the alien tentacle inside of him, and that was how they were able to talk to the alien? And then Dr. Okun got flung away, and I thought he died? I’m sooo confused.

    … *Googles*


    Yes, they were both in the first movie, and they both had lines.

    Not only is the gun little because Biff knows it’ll get the job done, it was also the gun he used to shoot George. Depending on where he shot George, a little gun isn’t going to make a lot of sound. He might even be able to muffle it somehow, and not screw with the accuracy too much? Don’t know much about guns, but yeah.

    ALSO. I just realized! Buford uses a gun that little when he’s threatening Doc in 1885! He presses it against Doc’s back, and he says that he shot a guy with that gun before, and it took two days for the guy to die. If he did the same thing to George, then he definitely didn’t need a hand cannon for the job.

    Considering that I’m absolutely positive that voice actor was one of the dudes in the saloon in 1885, I cracked up when you said that. πŸ˜€

    When I first heard that the guy who played Roger Rabbit was Terry in 1955, I was so shocked. Granted, this was years ago, but it was still mind-blowing that Roger had gotten into the BTTF movies. πŸ˜€

    When you guys mentioned Roger playing Marty for a scene, I had misunderstood it as Marty being drawn in the style of the Toontown toons, and I had flashbacks to Cool World. I would love to see Marty drawn in that style though.

  2. You mentioned Boy with Apple and I had the insane thought: what if Wes Anderson had directed the Back to the Future trilogy?

    My God, all the screen symmetry between characters of different timelines. And the colors. Obsessively composed closeups of the almanac and the wishing well photograph oh my goodness. Doc’s not-to-scale model of Hill Valley would take on a totally different look, and probably be populated with stop-motion puppets of the DeLorean/Marty/Doc. And can you imagine how they would shoot Marty handwriting the lettER WARNING DOC ABOUT THE TERRORISTS. I need to see this so I can laugh into infinity.

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