Part II Minute 57 – Badass Marty

Part 2 Minute-00057

Marty stands over Biff’s hot tub and confronts him about the almanac.

GUEST: Pat Driscoll


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 57 – Badass Marty

  1. [01:27]
    That would take some serious talent for Marty to stab anybody with a ruler. I imagine he’d have to hold it at an angle for it to go in. 😀 I was thinking of either a pen or taking of one Billy Zane’s matches and just setting him on fire.

    Omgggggg, I had a flashback to Morty Smith there. 😀

    I can understand that Biff doesn’t want his remote to get wet, but what if he’d wanted to turn it off or change the channel when the sexytiems started? He would’ve had to get out of the tub, displaying his less-than-attractive figure to the girls, turn off the TV, and then either come back to them in the tub or move the action somewhere else. Unless he really was just going to have a Western shootout happening while he was having sex with two women? (I’m sure people have listened to weirder things during sex, but I dunno.)

    “Do be do, cleaning the pool– AHHHHH–” *sploosh* “DAMMIT.”

    I wonder if the rugged-ized, waterproof phones are able to withstand swimming pools.

    I remember one time that I dropped a pair of regular glasses in the pool — I was scooping out leaves because it was horrible, and down go my glasses. I tried to scoop them out, but I just scratched them all to hell. 🙁

    Omg, those blue-screen products are so hilarious. It’s like the people demonstrating the “sad fact of life” are either so oblivious to their surroundings that they set down a bowl of Cheetos, and then knock it over exactly two seconds later because how did that bowl magically get there in my way? Or they do something else that’s like, “… you do realize that gravity still works, no matter how much you wish it didn’t, right?”

    Now, to be fair, there are disabled people who might actually have those problems, and they end up needing those weird devices for $19.99 in order to make things easier for themselves, but the thing I notice most about the blue-screen products is that the people in the example appear to be able-bodied people who are just incredibly dumb.

    I have a feeling that if Marty had had a hairdryer in his hand and it was plugged in and turned on, then he could’ve murdered Biff and the two girls. Just, “… oh. Oh, God! Dooooooooooooooc!”

    *looks at the notation for 06:15 and chuckles*

    “How do *you* like someone looking down their nose at you, Biff? Huh? HUH?!”

    Omg, did you just call MJF a Canadian leprechaun? Hahahahhaa, omg.

    From what I understand, that painting was actually based on a real painting of Donald Trump.

    I have a feeling that if there really was a hot tub in the Oval Office and Donald Trump was the only one allowed in it, other people would look away because omg who would want to *see* that?

    Well, if you want to try to salvage Biff’s appearance of sly intelligence, you could say that he’s trying to keep Marty occupied so that he has enough time to dig out his gun and shoot him. He can’t risk Marty escaping and telling the press that he was somehow able to rig all of the sporting events over multiple decades in order to become a billionaire. Even if there’s way to prove any sort of rigging, the authorities would start taking a closer look at Biff, and you just know that Biff has to have more skeletons in his closet than just murdering George and winning billions in bets.

    Dear Biff, please stop monologue-ing.

    “*YOU* WERE THAT TINY LESBIAN IN THAT FLYING CAR” omg, i can’t breathe

    Marty is a sweet cinnamon roll, only slightly pure because of his “I want money!” thing at the beginning of Part 2. He needs a hug and Doc and Einstein and a skateboard. And a guitar. Yeah. <3

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