Part II Minute 55 – Idea Theft

Part 2 Minute-00055

Marty blames himself for giving Biff the idea as Doc explains how they’re going to fix the timeline.

GUEST: Michael Nixon from Drunk Hawk Man!


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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 55 – Idea Theft

  1. Strange how Doc and Biff were never in any scenes in the movies, yet on the ride, Biff was Doc’s main antagonist.

    I don’t think that anyone was killed in the fire that destroyed the Brown mansion.

    If it bleeds, it leads, and the other Telegraph headlines we saw were very people-centric, (EMMETT BROWN COMMITTED, GEORGE McFLY MURDERED) and this headlines for the fire was only about the house. Judge Brown would have been very well known, and if Mrs.Brown was still alive, (she wasn’t present in the game in 1931) by extension she would have been familiar enough on the Hill Valley social scene to warrant a headline. There was no trace of Judge Brown and his wife in residence in 1955, and the fire was reported on by the Telegraph on Thursday, August 2nd, 1962.

    If Emmett had stopped his house from burning down he wouldn’t have had the funds from selling off “435 prime acres” to developers when he found himself bankrupt six months after the fire to complete his time machine. The newspaper article on February 1st, 1963 about the sale listed Dr.Emmett L. Brown as the house’s only resident.

  2. Wait I’m confusing myself. Was 1985 Hell Valley Doc visited by Marty back in 1955? He couldn’t have been, right? Because Doc doesn’t get to invent a time machine in this timeline. But Marty and Doc can still go backwards from this point and see a Marty in this timeline’s 1955? How…?

  3. [00:51]
    I love the fact that Einstein’s voice would sound like a NYC rough-and-tumble cabbie. Or, like, the guy at the bar who’s the sweetest guy ever, but will knock you into the next zip code if you try to start shit. _<

    Still, Doc being willing to break the car is neat because Doc really isn't in it for what he can get out of it. He honestly wanted to see where humanity had started from, where it was going. I do find it interesting that at the first sign of trouble, he's willing to break the car. Yes, time travel is not something to be messed with lightly, but at the same time, a good scientist knows to run a test multiple times before they have conclusive results.

    Doc builds another one, but either he does it with Clara's full help and cooperation, or he does it because Clara convinces him to. Doc started the DeLorean because (A) he had the idea and wanted to see if he could make it work, and he *could*, and (B) because he was intensely curious. Doc's first jaunts into the future seem to have gone fine, considering that the first time he seems to encounter trouble is when he sees what happens to Marty's kids. Not the fact that Marty becomes a loser, but he sees the trouble that the kids get into. The rest of the trilogy is one long, sustained instance of Doc getting burned by the consequences of his invention. If it got into the wrong hands, blah blah. So, it would have to have been Clara who convinces him to build another time machine — either she does because she's so optimistic about the whole thing, even after hearing about Doc's experiences (like in the comics), or that she's just "Honey, you didn't have the right approach to things."

    I like that it isn't just Marty's life that goes down the shitter. Doc getting committed is the "How could it get any worse?" "It did." thing to happen. Doc's already had a reputation as the town nutcase for ages. Someone actually committing him is just the logical next step, and it's so horrifying because even mental hospitals in the '80s were pretty terrible. The comics ramps it up even more, but I'm not going to spoil that one because I wasn't spoiled for that bit, and when I saw it, I was flinched.

    I had never gotten the connection between Hell Valley and the Watchmen universe. O_O Now I'm wondering if NYC is the only major city with vigilante superheroes, or if there would've been some in CA too.

    Well, in this AU, Nixon could've been one of those politicians who signs the EPA, but because Biff was such a generous donor to his presidential campaign, Biff gets tax cuts and a polite "I'll look the other way" from the enforcement officials about turning this one small town into a hellhole.

    We don't actually see any cops in Hell Valley. I mean, we see a crashed cop car, and we see the line of cop cars that are driving somewhere when Marty finds Strickland's house, but we don't actually see a Hell Valley Reese and Foley. Maybe the cop cars are all driven by cyborgs? Maybe the cop cars are just ditched places and not immediately reclaimed because Hell Valley is in a state of total anarchy, and the cyborgs are just mowing down citizens?

    Now, in 2015, we see that Old Biff knows who Doc is — "old Doc Brown has invented a time machine, huh?" and that's him getting the idea to steal the DeLorean and go back.

    Old Biff has to tell his younger self about a crazy old man and a kid because if he uses specific names, he knows his younger self either won't believe him, or will try to act too soon. If he can instill enough paranoia in his younger self, and trust that his younger self will know Doc Brown when he sees him, then Old Biff's job is done. Knowing his younger self, if Old Biff said that it was Doc Brown, his younger self would've tried to just out and out kill him, and that wouldn't work because he'd be a kid murdering Doc instead of a guy who owns the police. The kicker is that Old Biff doesn't know that Charlie-Biff is going to be Marty's step-dad.

    In 1955, Biff likely doesn't know who Doc Brown is, and doesn't really care — as an 18yo kid, Doc just isn't on his radar. If you assume fanon is correct and Doc worked on the Manhattan Project in the '40s, Doc might've been even more of a shut-in in the '50s because he was processing what happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki (something that I think would haunt Doc for a long time). People might know that Doc was part of the war effort, but no one knows details, and maybe Doc has shellshock, best to stay away from him. And when Doc tries to invent things, people are like, "Okay, he's kind of gone off the deep end, but he's rich, so it counts as 'eccentric' instead of 'commit him now', so we have to wait until he starts foaming at the mouth and killing people."

    Now, if my squinting is correct, Doc seems to have been committed in May of 1983, so the lab has been wrecked for a really long time. If the candle had *that* much wax on it, Doc might not have been able to pay his electric bill and he was just burning as many candles as he could. Since Biff isn't a government official, and developers can't practice eminent domain, that's why Doc's lab is still there. (That's nice to think about. <3)

    There was a hole in the *ceiling*? Geez, I hadn't noticed that one. O_O But that would be an even better explanation as to why there's this candle holder with an insane amount of melted wax.

    Now I'm getting really curious as to why the timeline would split so drastically. Yes, there are two Martys and two Docs running around in Charlie-1955, but Charlie-Doc would still be operating under the assumption that he gets the DeLorean built and he meets Marty some time in the '80s. Only trouble is that Biff starts winning millions and taking over things. And then Doc's committed in '83. I wonder how crazy Doc was before he was committed.

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