Part II Minute 52 – Reunited in Tragedy

Part 2 Minute-00052

Doc finds Marty in the graveyard and takes him back to his ransacked lab.

GUEST: Michael Nixon from Drunk Hawk Man!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

4 thoughts on “Part II Minute 52 – Reunited in Tragedy

  1. The Wounded Knee Occupation is a real historical event that lines up with the date of George’s murder. Amazingly, it remained the same in 1985-A. Biff had no influence on that, which is why that headline doesn’t change later in the film.
    I’m impressed they made the prop that historically accurate. Like Biff will say in a few minutes, “You know your history. Very good.”

  2. [00:00]
    Looking at the picture for this minute makes me wonder if they brought the McBride back for this scene. Also, CL’s wig is super-strong. It doesn’t even look like it’s going to come off. Crazy spirit gum glue?

    *dances to “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb*

    On the one hand, the Paradox draft needs to get things moving because there’s essentially two movies smashed into one. Marty has to blurt out a sound byte, and then back to Doc and figuring out what to do next.

    On the other hand, it does Marty a disservice because he’s just found out that his father died. He doesn’t have enough emotional distance with everything to think of people as malleable, and all we have to do is jump in the DeLorean and fix things. Last he knew, Doc was at his lab, dismantling their only means of traveling through time. He’s still stuck thinking three-dimensionally because this is his family, and he’s in Hell, which he’ll either mention in this minute or the next one.

    It’s funny, because in the original timeline, Marty is the parent in the relationship with him and George. He’s the one taking George to task because Biff wrecked the car — he really does sound like a parent while George is being all “aw shucks” about the whole thing. And in the revised timeline, Marty literally hasn’t had enough time to get used to the new and well-adjusted George to see what he’s like as a father figure. The only positive memories that Marty really has of George are from 1955, when they really were on an even keel (even age-wise). Marty was still acting like a mentor to George, but there was less of the fucked up dynamic because George is 17 too, and he doesn’t appear to be a child when standing next to Marty — he just appears to be an awkward 17yo too.

    Einie puppy is best puppy. I’m glad that he’s used to best effect instead of that weird olfactory-enhancement machine that Doc strapped on him in one of the drafts. Give Einstein lines like you’d give an actor lines! Yay!

    “It’s Serious Time now. I have a black duster here. And now, the sad frown.”

    Ohhhh, no, he’s not Rick Sanchez here. He still cares too much about everything to ever become Rick Sanchez. Rick is Doc without empathy (at least in S1), but also, it’s like Doc went to the end of all time just to see what was there, and then he had all of the knowledge of the universe downloaded into his head, and he broke, so he became Rick Sanchez.

    If Doc is parked near the entrance, why did we just watch Marty stumbling around, trying to look for his dad’s grave? Why wouldn’t Marty have just seen it from there? Did he come in from another entrance? Was he in so much denial that his eyes just glazed over and he just *missed* it?

    “It’s Miller Time, Marty!” hahahahhaa aomggggg.

    It’s referring to the Wounded Knee Incident on February 27, 1973, when ” when approximately 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) seized and occupied the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation” for 71 days to protest “the failure of an effort of the Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) to impeach tribal president Richard Wilson”. It’s a real historical incident, and George being shot on March 15 (the Ides of March, yay another Shakespeare reference!), the occupation would’ve still been going on for exactly 16 days.

    [Information quoted from the wikipedia article for the Wounded Knee incident.]

    Which is really fascinating, because I’d originally thought that it was a thing that had happened because of Biff being a millionaire. Oops.

    It’s interesting that the article could be foreshadowing. Now that I know about the real Wounded Knee Incident, it comes across as “hey, we were cool kids and we did our homework, natch!”

    The reason it’s the main headline is because this is the Hill Valley Telegraph. National news about some weirdo Injuns in some place Far Away are not going to trump the murder of a local author. Murder trumps Injun occupation in terms of selling newspapers, I think. If this were USA Today, the Wounded Knee story would be front and center, and that’s if it didn’t get bumped to the bottom of the front page in favor of White People News.

    I dunno — maybe one of the bizarre things to happen in Hell Valley is that George became a successful author sooner than in the revised timeline. Maybe he needed to have his science fiction when he saw what Biff was doing to Hill Valley, and it was a Douglas Adams kind of thing, where he had to write, or else he (and his family) were going to starve.

    As a librarian, it makes me sad that the library is just abandoned, but thank God it wasn’t torched. Also, I don’t approve of the theft of library materials, but at least Doc kept the vertical files in their wooden hangers. Thank you, Doc. You’re a good library patron. *petpet*

    Eh, that draft sounds all right, but you’re right, it’s hard to make Einstein that scary. I do like the feeling of paranoia that Marty ends up getting because of being followed around everywhere — it lends to the mood of things being creepy as hell.

  3. Maybe in the Tannen-hell timeline, Doc had nothing in his closet BUT black dusters. Maybe that’s all he wore. All the time.

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