Part II Minute 51 – Graveyard Stroll

Part 2 Minute-00051

Marty wants to know what happened to his father George McFly and Lorraine tells him to visit a cemetery.

GUEST: Michael Nixon from Drunk Hawk Man!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 51 – Graveyard Stroll

  1. hi,
    nice potcast series. perfect timing for germany so i can hear it at work. one thing thou. shouldn’t the third Marty be “gamma Marty” instead of “charly Marty” because alpha -> betta -> gamma (greek alphabet) or alpha -> bravo -> charly (Navy alphabet).

  2. In the Visual History, they say they chose to film The Oak Parks Cemetery scene in Wilmington, California specifically for the oil refineries in that city that you’d be able to see in the background. In the DVD commentary Bob Gale says they used a park the refinery had, so to Michael Nixon– “it’s like they drove out to some gasland plant and built a cemetery set,” yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Apparently the crew had to wear gas masks because of all the noxious fumes.

    ALSO the tone of the cemetery scene reminds me an awful lot of the “spooky” scene in Part I wherein Marty brings 1955 Doc to the DeLorean he hid behind the Lyon Estates billboard. The scene with all the fog and wind and Doc’s got a flashlight and it’s just a little silly.

    In the ’67 draft, the reason Lorraine calls Marty “Marty Hopkins McFly” is to reinforce the fact that Marty was named after the place he was conceived, which is important later. But you guys knew that. All the drafts are just confusing to keep track of.

    Lorraine’s line “they must have hit you over the head hard this time,” confuses me, because the way I saw it, the impetus for her trying to walk out on Biff is because she saw him hit her son. Not because Biff hit her–that didn’t seem to shock anyone but Marty–but she physically recoils when Marty gets punched. And if him getting beat up by Biff/his goons is a common occurrence, why would Lorraine choose now to say “I’m leaving?” Unless she’s threatened to leave before, which would be depressingly sad. Or unless Biff has never laid a hand on Marty, himself.

  3. I’m going to try to calm down and not pause the podcast every two seconds to write mini-essays.

    For some reason, the Frighteners never felt as scary as this movie does? Does MJF go to the cemetery at night in Frighteners? Because it always felt like a majority of the action happened during the day.

    One AU that I would love to see is Marty becoming Frank Bannister because he doesn’t have Doc to hang around with.

    Pretend that Marty has the same superpower that all anime protagonists have! The power to find things by either wishing really hard, or by using their heart! Yes! By working hard and emoting loud enough to hurt sane people, Marty will stumble across his father’s gravestone!

    What if Lorraine was worried that Biff was going to destroy George’s tombstone, and all that was left was the larger slab on the bottom? That way, if the headstone itself got destroyed, some identifier would still be there?

    (I know you’re saying “Drunk Hawk Man”, and that it’s explicitly spelled out, but the way you’re saying it makes me think you’re saying compleeeeeeeetely different. #^^#)

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