Part II Minute 5 – Air Traffic

Part 2 Minute-00005

The DeLorean bursts into oncoming traffic as Doc explains they have arrived thirty years in the future.


One thought on “Part II Minute 5 – Air Traffic

  1. I find it fascinating that the other drafts were trying to include more human/world-building details (the truck driver, the air traffic controller), but at the same time, they were also like, “Jesus, we don’t want to be in the future. Gogogogogogogo, get out of here, quick!” Like, seeing the future would be something that Marty would *want* to see. Hell, Doc wanted to go to the future at the beginning of Part 1. So, it feels weird that they wanted to just gloss over it because that’s not where the story was going to happen. (I know that part of it was that the Bobs hated seeing predictions of the future because they’re always wrong, but still!)

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