Part II Minute 49 – Marital Blackmail

Part 2 Minute-00049

Lorraine threatens to leave Biff who threatens to cut off her children.

GUEST: Cassandra Fredrickson from The Doctor’s Companion!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

One thought on “Part II Minute 49 – Marital Blackmail

  1. The thing with Charlie Biff is that he is a billionaire — he can use money as a weapon, and he’s not shy about it. He’s not going to look like Alpha Biff, who is still stuck in a job where he has a boss, and he bullies George. Beta Biff owns his own business, but this is a Biff who feels beaten down and is cowed into obedience, rather than enjoying the high life.

    Alpha Biff’s swagger is a swagger that is aware that he isn’t rich. He’s the bully of the playground, rather than the bully of the boardroom. There’s differences in how you would carry yourself, I think.

    (And I just anticipated what *Cassandra* was going to say. Geez! Hi, Cassandra!)

    This would’ve been the one timeline where Marty’s big red button was being called a chicken would’ve made so much sense. Biff using it to taunt him, maybe even taking digs at George in the process. “Are you a chicken like your old man, Marty? HUH?”

    Continuing with your proposed scene, I would’ve been riveted if Biff had gotten hit, and he realized that whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute, his step-son has never tried to take a swing at him, not once. Now, it would be a reeeeally big leap of logic to assume at that point that this Marty was an impostor (maybe some kid with a face job, maybe some clone, or whatever), but I could definitely see Biff wanting to know who the hell this person is, and wanting to know if his step-son really had changed that much in however much time had passed since Marty had been shipped off to Switzerland.

    It’s interesting to think about, because no matter what timeline you’re looking at — Alpha, Beta, Charlie, or even others — you always start with that same Lorraine who’s boy-crazy and has to deal with Biff sexually harassing her, and George might be a variable, but you got a sense of what Lorraine was like, and she wasn’t changed all that much in 1955. She just sort of switched targets, is all.

    Omgggg, Death Becomes Her and Hell Valley!Lorraine. Ugggh.

    (I definitely need to find the 1967 draft, just to read what the dialogue sounded like.)

    I like him threatening to put them in prison because that’s more of a threat than just being cutting off. Now, if none of them have ever had to support themselves, that could sound terrifying, but that’s when they’d really come into their own. Them going to prison is just “wow, we just hit rock bottom”.

    If Dave and Uncle Joey had had the same lawyer, that lawyer must’ve gotten so much better at defending people by the time he gets to Dave, because he kind of sucked when it came to defending Uncle Joey.

    (Part of me wants Uncle Joey to be this mob boss or something. Something incredibly frightening.)

    From what the comics say, Linda is just interested in running a boutique. In Hell Valley, it could be that she’s either a hoarder, or she lives waaaay beyond her means so that she can be a gold digger and get away from Biff. Trouble is, everyone she knows knows alllll about her, and they avoid her like the plague.


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