Part II Minute 48 – Charlie Marty

Part 2 Minute-00048

Biff arrives in the penthouse to confront Marty, but Lorraine stops him.

GUEST: Cassandra Fredrickson from The Doctor’s Companion!


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4 thoughts on “Part II Minute 48 – Charlie Marty

  1. This is a day behind, but the scripty reason that Lorraine says “Oh my God it’s your father” is to correlate with her equivalent line in Part 1: “Oh my God it’s my mother.” Just a bit of parallelism.

  2. Kevin, I never got that parallel before! Of course it is. But Lea phrases it so differently (and perfectly in character), that I never caught it. I wonder if she had realized it when doing the scene. If she had, the phrasing might have been closer to 1955 Lorraine.

  3. BTTF Moments makes it sound like it needs the instrumental to Masterpiece Theater. 😀

    To be fair, even if he ordered room service while at Disneyland (or Disney World), he’s understandably confused about why his mom would mention room service in the context of getting him something to eat. Even in the original timeline, I imagine that Lorraine (when she wasn’t marinating at the bottom of a bottle) might’ve slapped something together and offered it to him instead of just getting someone else to get them food.

    The “It’s your father” line also doesn’t sit well with me because even if Marty was five years old (Marty’s 17 in 1985, and assume that his birthday has already happened, which means he was born in 1968), Marty would still remember George, even if it might be bits and pieces. I could see Lorraine trying to encourage Marty to call Biff “Dad”, but when Biff insists that Marty’s not his kid, it would be a source of… tension? She always brings it up to try to encourage Marty, and this version of Marty might be just as aggressive in denying that Biff is his dad as Biff is in denying that Marty is his kid. There’s no blood tie between them, and it doesn’t look like Biff legally adopted them, but there’s still the fact that Lorraine is still married to Biff.

    What I’m really curious about is when in 1967 is the draft supposed to take place. I mean, is there a stated month and day for when they arrive? Because if there is, then we have a general idea of what month Marty was born in (assuming that he wasn’t born prematurely or born late).

    The thing with Charlie Marty is the fact that, okay, there’s either the “we’re sending our kid to boarding school because it’s chic and trendy, and we’re such excellent parents who secretly don’t give a shit about our son because we’re too busy living the high life without them” OR there’s the “you’re being shipped off to military school because you’re a horrible child, and I’m an even more horrible step-father. Welcome to Hell, population: you”. Those tend to be the prevailing tropes with boarding schools (outside of the English boarding school stories, where boarding school is kind of fun).

    It could be that Biff and Marty have clashed so many times that Marty got himself kicked out of Hill Valley High, and has proceeded to get himself kicked out of more and more schools until finally, Biff sent him to Switzerland just to get Marty out of his face.

    What’s really interesting is the fact that you think that Charlie Marty would come out that well-adjusted after having had Biff for a step-dad for the past… *counts on fingers* twelve years. I always envisioned him as more of a leather-jacket badass who doesn’t mean getting into a fistfight and breaking the law in order to do what’s right. Kind of like the Fonz, but with less motorcycle because there’s no way that Biff would drop that much dough on Marty.

    Omggggggg, you’re comparing the three Martys to Alvin and the Chipmunks? OMGGGGGGGG. Hahahahahahaha!

    The thing is, look at the end of Part 1. Alpha Marty is in Beta Marty’s life. Sure, okay, Biff is simpering up to Marty, offering him the keys to his truck, but look at the line where Biff says, “Hi, Marty!” Biff looks genuinely pleased to see him. I keep getting the impression that Beta Marty was the only person in his family who was genuinely nice to Biff. He didn’t know anything about what happened between Biff and his mom in high school, so he wouldn’t be mean about that. And he doesn’t seem dismissive of him the way that Dave and Linda would be. I’m not saying that Beta Marty wouldn’t be Simon, but you could argue that he’s Theodore, especially since Alpha Marty had to outsmart bullies in order to survive. After seeing what kind of abuse his dad went through because of Biff, I could see Alpha Marty as Simon.

    (Part of me wants to write out the Hell Valley fic idea I’d had. Alpha Doc-and-Marty meets Charlie Doc-and-Marty and things happen. Marty’s got a burst blood vessel in his eye because he’d gotten clocked pretty hard in the head by Biff one time, but that contribution is from Irisbleufic.)

    I would’ve loved to have seen a timeline where Lorraine essentially becomes Sarah Connor from Terminator II, and she’s raising Marty on her own. Or, y’know, your idea sounds good too. ^^; I need to stop having ideas before I finish listening to the podcast. *facepaw*

    The trouble is, whenever I think of “Sandman”, I think of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. A song that I like and think is badass, to be sure, but I dunno if I’m the minority there. ^^;

    Jesus, I keep coming up with things that you mention five minutes later. I think, perhaps, I’ve been listening to you two long enough that I’m starting to anticipate you now. O_O

    I like the idea of Lorraine being more of a Sarah Connor because I like the idea where she has a theory that Biff shot George, but there’s no evidence because Biff owns the police and he would never got prosecuted. Dave and Linda are old enough that they just don’t want any part of her vendetta with Biff, so Marty gets kind of indoctrinated. I mean, John Connor knows that his childhood is incredibly fucked up, so it’s possible that Marty would understand just as much, but I like the idea of Marty knowing all kinds of illegal things because Lorraine is essentially training him to kill Biff and take revenge for George’s death for Lorraine.

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