Part II Minute 46 – Tannen Tangent

Part 2 Minute-00046

Marty watched a video about the history of Biff Tannen.


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

4 thoughts on “Part II Minute 46 – Tannen Tangent

  1. Man, the cold open to this episode is like the Back to the Future Part II of Back to the Future Minutes.

  2. HAHAHAHA. No, there’s no coincidence with George’s death and their wedding. I wonder if Biff tried to do the Nice Guy approach with her after George’s death. “I’m so sorry that your husband was shot. In the chest. And his last moments were him staring up at his killer with horror in his eyes. By the way, super sorry for your loss.”

    I always thought it was fascinating that, in this version of Hell Valley, Marty is five when George dies and Biff becomes his step-dad. Biff had the perfect opportunity to brainwash Marty into loving him like a dad, and he didn’t take it. He aimed small in terms of taking over Hill Valley, but he also aimed small with his step-kids. Dave and Linda were older, so they would’ve remembered George more than Marty would have, but Biff could’ve gone the insidious route and brainwashed Marty. Given that this is Biff, he either didn’t think of it, or he hated Marty as much as Lorraine’s other kids because Marty wasn’t his flesh and blood. (Biff strikes me as the kind of asshole who would consider Lorraine’s kids as leeches. Thank God he and Lorraine didn’t have any kids.)

    (I’m 33, guys. :D)

    • On a tangential note, we’re not sure what BiffHorrific Marty was like, as we never get to see him. He’s supposed to be abroad in boarding school, right? You’re right, he wasn’t brainwashed into becoming one of Biff’s thugs/biggest fans, but I can’t imagine Marty could escape growing up with Biff as a father without any change to his character.

      Man, Marty was FIVE when it went down? And he never met Doc. And he got a lovely childhood in Tannenville. It must have been so hard for Lorraine to raise and protect her kids with all that happened. Everything sucks in this timeline.

      • Well, according to Stickland, “our” Marty had a real additiude problem. (“Oh, yes sir.”) Can you imagine what Biff’s stepson’s additiude would be like? Especially is Marty was growing up with Dave and Linda also being messes. No wonder he got kicked out of another boarding school!

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