Part II Minute 44 – Courthouse Casino

Part 2 Minute-00044

Marty escapes a drive-by shooting then makes his way downtown to find a giant casino and hotel owned by Biff Tannen.

GUEST: Chris O’Connor of Geek By Night!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

One thought on “Part II Minute 44 – Courthouse Casino

  1. Marty, bb, your hands can’t stop bullets. You will lose your hands and your junk in one fell swoop. Don’t do it. You love playing guitar.

    That is a seriously dedicated drive-by. Normally, you hear about just one gun being involved, maybe two. O_O

    I like to think of Strickland wearing slippers because you never know what’s on your porch when you have to shoot somebody. You don’t want to step on something and hurt your foot.

    OMG, Gerald Strickland is the new Frank Castle. O_O

    I’d like to think that his stoop is made of concrete or something, and that’s how Marty survived.

    “Welcome Bikers” makes me think of how some places will be all, “Welcome DragonCon!” or something like that. Maybe the bikers were having a convention, and they’re actually the most well-behaved con people ever.

    I’m surprised that Mr. Lester didn’t think he was some kind of stalker who was preying on his girls or something, given that this is Hell Valley.

    Thank God they took out the bar scene, because what bartender would know who this George McFly was, and who would care if George was dead? Is it that things were different in the 1967 draft, and Biff forced Lorraine to get a divorce or else he was going to kill George, only George doesn’t want a divorce, and so he becomes a drunk?

    I dunno, I like the idea of Biff just outright killing George instead of threatening to kill him to force Lorraine’s compliance because it suits his small-mindedness. Biff became a billionaire and rules over Hill Valley with an iron fist instead of going somewhere else. Biff wants the girl he wanted from high school, so he shoots the guy she married to make sure that there was no competition ever again. It makes more sense given what we’ve seen of Biff’s character.

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