Part II Minute 43 – Hero of the Wasteland

Part 2 Minute-00043

Marty checks the date on a newspaper belonging to a gun-toting Principal Strickland.

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One thought on “Part II Minute 43 – Hero of the Wasteland

  1. IIRC, there’s three cop cars that race down the street? It might be more, though. Now, either that’s a serious shootout where people are dying, or those are a bunch of cops who are seriously bored and wanna go see a shootout in progress, but do absolutely nothing to stop it. (I’ve seen three cop cars on the shoulder of a parkway for one little car, and it was either that there were drugs involved, or they were reeeeally bored that day.)

    The thing that gets to me about Marty assuming that this is the wrong year is that he saw Doc punch in the code himself. He saw the time display for himself. There weren’t any problems, and they’re back in 1985. Now, you could argue that Marty’s 17, and he’s desperate for any kind of explanation that *isn’t* “something happened to screw up my home”, but you would think that Marty would remember Doc getting back to the correct date. Is he so used to Doc’s inventions *not* working that he just assumes that he just ended up in the wrong year?

    Doesn’t Strickland essentially confirm that it was a trap when he says, “So you’re the son of a bitch who’s been stealing my newspaper”? That’s how the line read to me. ^^;

    Those paperboys must get hazard pay, because there’s a freaking drive-by when Strickland and Marty are talking. Either that, or there’s something ridiculous, like all paper boys have immunity from violence, or something. 😀

    Part of me keeps thinking that the slacker thing was a holdover from when Eric Stolz was Marty, because when you look at what he’s wearing in the few shots that survived, he seriously does have the hair and the clothes, and it would make sense that he’d get called a slacker and have Strickland breathing down his neck every minute he’s at school. And when they switched to MJF and his wholesome, Canadian booty (there you go, I hadn’t heard the mention in this episode yet), MJF just wore a T-shirt and jeans, and there you go, just make Big Blue Eyes and look worried all the time — there we go.

    (I still agree with mrmcflythrillme on tumblr that Marty needs some xanax-flavored ice cream because omg.)

    Good God, Strickland would be the scariest badass in the Wasteland. If you could add voice files to your Fallout character, you could just have your character shouting “SLACKER!” as they shoot raiders.

    Doing a mashup where Lorraine is Furiosa and Marty is Max is really intriguing because it’s a twist on their relationship. 😀

    (And yay! I finally caught up completely!)

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