Part II Minute 42 – CSI: Hill Valley

Part 2 Minute-00042

Marty is chased from his home and into the remnants of the Hill Valley he used to know.

GUEST: Chris O’Connor of Geek By Night!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 42 – CSI: Hill Valley

  1. I wonder if the set designer was just like, “I accidentally bought all of this Michael Jackson stuff thinking it would be in Marty’s room, but um, oops. What should we do with it?”

    Bob Zemeckis announces, “We’re going to destroy it all!”

    “Oh, hey, that works.”

    Oh, wow, I never thought of the Peabody family connection before, or that BiffCo also owned the realty company either. @_@ One thing that I like is the fact that you guys catch the stuff even I end up missing because looking frame-by-frame is hard for me to figure out. ^^;

    It’s also interesting that they included BiffCo as the realty company because of the Trump parallels. Yeah, they modeled Hell Valley!Biff on Trump deliberately, but the realty company is just another way that they did that, and it’s so easy to miss that tidbit.

    And how bad is it that, in order to show that the neighborhood has completely tanked, it’s a black family living there? Just, *ouch*. I realize that we still have that problem today, but damn, talk about commentary.

    Just listening to the difference between 1967 and the film, I’m glad they went with the film. There’s times when you really don’t need all that information, and it would’ve been extremely weird for the father to give Marty information like that while trying to beat him up for entering his daughter’s bedroom.

    The song you’re referencing is on YouTube, and seems to be called “Hell Valley / Marty Wakes Up” — probably because it’s the same song when Marty wakes up in Biff Tower, or whatever it’s called. (And yes, that song is super spoopy.)

    I’m thinking what happened was that the chalk outlines were from a previous murder, and the car accident was relatively recent? That way, it makes sense for the car to still be on fire. ^^;

    I would seriously love to see Marty, Doc, and Einstein in either Fallout 3 or Fallout 4. They would be badasses in the Wasteland. <3

    Hee hee, now I understand the title of the episode. CSI: Hill Valley might potentially be a really boring show. Yet *another* white collar crime! Unless it was only the Hell Valley timeline, in which case, holy shit, the investigators need to get the hell out of Dodge *now* before they become the next fatalities.

  2. Never saw it before, but yeah, the family is definitely an echo of the Peabody encounter in the first movie. That’s why in the Paradox draft, Harold is intent on his dad shooting Marty; it calls back to Peabody’s son saying, “It already mutated into human form, shoot it!”

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