Part II Minute 41 – Parkouring and Entering

Part 2 Minute-00041

Marty enters his house through a window to find a stranger occupying his room.

GUEST: Chris O’Connor of Geek By Night!


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: David Jeffreys

3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 41 – Parkouring and Entering

  1. It’s funny that you mention a second lab because in 1955, he’s able to have the DeLorean right there in his garage (the thing that becomes his home in 1985), and it takes up quite a bit of room. It’s certainly possible that he meant his home lab instead of a second lab because in a later minute, he mentions that he arrived there, and he found the place just absolutely wrecked, so I always got the impression that his home lab was the lab he was talking about.

    Then again, the comics show that he really does have a secret lab where he worked on the DeLorean, because Marty finds it with Jennifer in the first part of Continuity Conundrum.

    Do you need a counter for Marty’s Canadian booty?

    You could argue that Marty is expecting for it to be his room, and he’s just believing that so hard that he’s suddenly surprised by “whoa, who is this in my room?”

    Omgggggg, the wall between the US and Canada. >_<

    • Also there must be some place Doc parks his “Doctor E. Brown Enterprises” truck, unless we believe he keeps it behind the Burger King.

      • I always got the impression he parked it in front of his house? I mean, there’s parking spaces in front of it. Then again, the van’s kind of big…

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