Part II Minute 40 – Lie to Her

Part 2 Minute-00040

.Doc and Marty leave an unconscious Jennifer on the front porch of her house and then head for Lyon Estates.

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6 thoughts on “Part II Minute 40 – Lie to Her

  1. The way that Doc acts towards her makes me think that whenever Doc is confronted with an obstacle to something he’s working on, he ends up dehumanizing the obstacle and doing whatever it takes to get it out of the way. There’s been a bit of fanon for years that Doc was part of the team for the Manhattan Project, and I can see that mentality at work when he was helping to design the A-bomb.

    Doc shows this kind of mentality in 1955 too, which is a little weird. There’s one deleted scene (thank God it’s a deleted scene) where Marty is freaking out about pretending to rape his mother, and Doc’s reassuring him that, oh, it’s just taking a few liberties with her, and that was absolutely horrifying to see. Again, thank GOD it was a deleted scene and I can safely ignore it.

    I keep feeling like Doc would try to treat people better than he treats Jennifer in this movie — he certainly doesn’t try to roofie Lorraine when she discovers his garage in 1955 and then ditch her at her house. So, part of me wants to say that Doc’s attitude is just as OOC for him as Marty’s seemingly sudden interest in being rich at the beginning of the movie. We don’t really get to see too much of 1985 Doc in Part 1 because it was primarily set in 1955, and Doc thirty years younger would be more likely to have those traits than a Doc who’s thirty years wiser and more willing to understand how other people work because of his interactions with Marty. Then again, I dunno. Argh. *headdesk*

    What I love about the trains shirt that Doc’s wearing is that if you look at his handkerchief in 1885, it’s the trains shirt. 😀

    I love that Einstein has been trained to be a lookout. And if Doc didn’t train him to do that, that Einie is smart enough to realize that they need a lookout because Dad and Small Dad are doing something that Might Be Bad.

    Copernicus is shaggy and white, but he’s also super-little. It could be that Copernicus is a puppy at the time when Marty shows up in Doc’s life, but I keep thinking that he’s an older dog for some reason. Einstein, however, is a shaggy, white, *big* dog. 😀

    “Ess my dee” made me giggle a lot. ^^;

    AHAHAHHAHAHA, Doc and Marty were totally boning in one of the drafts?! Omggggggggggggggggggg.

    • Doc’s 1885 handkerchief is the trains shirt! I never noticed that. I can imagine Doc saying “welp, can’t wear this machine-made garment in this time period. But I do love trains…If I keep it discreet…”

      “DAD AND SMALL DAD” oh man.
      Einie’s a very good lookout. He warned Doc about the Libyans.

      • I think somebody else told me about the trains shirt, but the second I heard, I double-checked and omg, haha. It’s understandably faded, but it’s there. I really like that kind of attention to detail that Zemeckis made. 😀

        Heeee. There’s an AU I’ve been kicking around based on Changeling: the Lost from White Wolf games, and there’s a power that lets people talk to animals. Since I figured that Einie wouldn’t think in terms of “Emmett” and “Marty”, he’d think of Dad and Small Dad. 😀 (Humans are Tall Dogs With Thumbs)

  2. Random Questions Comment

    Doc and Marty departed perfected-’85 around 10am according to the timestamp at the start of the movie. I wonder why they come back at night? Doc just wanted Marty to change clothes, come back to pick up Jennifer, then go to the lake? They had a long day in the future, what about sleep? When Marty climbs into what he thinks is his room in a later minute, does he look like he’s getting clothes to change into, or is he just gonna pass out in “his” bed? Also, speaking of changing clothes, where are the clothes Marty left ’85 wearing? He’s still got on the pants and red t-shirt and shoes, but the suspenders and checkered shirt must still be in the DeLorean?

    • The time-induced jet lag is one of the things that bothers me about the trilogy. There’s times when it’s a bad idea to come back two minutes after you left, but there’s times when it’ll be okay.

      Like, okay, George and Lorraine saw Marty and Jennifer kissing on the driveway, so if Marty comes back alone, they’re going to wonder what happened to Jennifer. But if Doc drops Marty off around 11 or so, then that might be okay. “Oh, yeah, Jen had to go do something and I dropped her off, sorry for not telling you guys.”

      The departure and arrival times for the trilogy are kinda wonky. :\

  3. Thoughts on the dog discussion:

    Doc in:

    BTTF P1 grieves by talking it out with one of his four framed gurus and adopts the next dog when the right one crosses his path somehow.

    BTTF P2 tosses the dog’s body out of the window of the flying Delorean and rehydrates a new one the next time he thinks of it, which is probably when he needs something dog related.

    BTTF P3 grieves by burying the dog in a calm, scenic location with a distinct but simple marker then goes back into town and drinks at the saloon.

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