Part II Minute 4 – Since Last Time

Part 2 Minute-00004

Bright white clouds dull to a dark gray as a storm approaches.


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 4 – Since Last Time

  1. It’s so strange that the first movie started with Marty coming into Doc’s house, and we get a sense of Doc’s place while the credits are going, but this time, it’s just clouds because the boys (and Jen) are in the DeLorean, which is currently flying.

    Most of the Marvel movies nowadays will show flashes of panels from the comics about that character (or other characters), and that would’ve been cool, but BTTF happened well before the badass IDW comics. That would’ve been cool as a opening credits sequence. Oh, well.

    I could see MJF having gotten beefier because of doing a war film. The trouble is, Marty looks kind of wimpy, which is why his taking on Biff is even more impressive, because it was like “wimpy kid vs. beefy bully”. Now that he’s beefier, he’s still itty bitty, so it’s not like he’s suddenly looking Biff in the eye, but he looks like he can take a punch, or something.

    Yes! MJF filmed Teen Wolf during the fall, and then that winter, he ended up doing BTTF. It’s hilarious because he saw the people who were scouting for BTTF locations while he was filming Teen Wolf, and he was like, “Damn, I wish I was doing THAT film instead”. He mentions it in one of his books. ^^;

    He needed a middle initial because there was a Michael Fox in the SAG.

    (“Home” is the creepiest X-Files episode ever. Brace yourself, it’s creepy as hell. Ugh.)

    I thought Crispin Glover had asked for the same amount as Lea and TFW, and they said no?

    Sequels are really hard to pull off, because they never feel as good as the original. Now, BTTF 2 isn’t as good as BTTF, but it’s miles better than other sequels of the time.

    Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, that took some serious balls from Bobby Z. O_O (It would’ve been hilarious if Bob Z could’ve gotten MJF, but he was still on Family Ties at that point.) You can get a new director, but you can’t have Doc Browwwwn. OMG.

    Ugh, the 1967 draft. I mean, it’s like, Marty interrupts his own conception? And it’s like, “What?”

    (The thing is, Biff was going to turn 21 in 1958/1959, not 1967, so that’s some weird math from the Bobs.)

    A roadtrip movie with Marty and Lorraine would’ve been kind of hilarious, but now I’m imagining Doc and Marty having an epic bake sale. (Oh, God, Doc and Marty fix it, but Marty’s birthday is changed in the revised-revised timeline.)

    What the actual @#$& is with Bob Gale with the 1967?! What in the world was with hiiiiim? Thank God, Bob Zemeckis came back with notes. And thank God they also realize that they need two movies instead of one. (In contrast, Peter Jackson realized in the middle of production for the Hobbit that he needed three movies instead of two, and it reeeeeeeeeally shows.)

    Wow, talk about some serious financial hoops to jump through. O_O But it’s interesting to see that it sort of spawned this idea of filming simultaneously for multiple movies.

    If there was a movie about the BTTF movies being made, Sid Sheinberg would be their antagonist while they’re the good guys trying to get these movies done. And whenever they win, he’s this tiny, red-faced dude hopping up and down on his own hat in comical anger.

  2. I laughed really hard at this minute, particularly during your description of the 1967 draft. And that story about Bobby Z hiring Christopher Lloyd for Who Framed Roger Rabbit is so great, I told everyone I know, and they all had the same “holy crap that’s wily as HECK” reaction.

    It is a little weird that nothing happens during the opening credits, as in the first and third movie, but I guess this is one of the few moments audiences have to catch their breaths. From here on out, it’s Doc and Marty bouncing around time like there’s no tomorrow (or–whatever you know what I mean).

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