Part II Minute 39 – The Loves of Doc Brown

Part 2 Minute-00039

Doc shares his regrets with Marty before they leave the future and return to 1985.

GUEST: Scott Tofte of Geek By Night!


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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 39 – The Loves of Doc Brown

  1. Doc looks up at the stars and says “women”? Seeing as how he and Clara are looking up at the stars (and Clara loves astronomy), that’s an even more clever bit of foreshadowing there. Marty -> Clara -> Kids and Einstein -> Other stuff?

    I love you guys so much. <33333

    Nah, Doc's not asexual. He's implied to be interested in romance and sex (as evidenced in the movies by his relationship with Clara). He just doesn't get a chance to do anything until Clara. 😀

    And awww. Yeah, Doc being so adorably clueless about women, coupled with his reputation as the town nutcase, doesn't help his chances for getting a ladyfriend. ^^;

    Jennifer as Marty's security blanket is something I never really thought of before. He worries about her and holds onto her even though he ends up not really worrying about her all that much in Parts 2 and 3.

    Einstein has had to have time travelled once or twice. Doc mentions putting him into cryostasis (though why he felt the need, I have no idea). But yes, he's super chill. <3

    "Dad is now grabbing my face so I don't see the bright light. There's the loud noise like when it rains really hard. There's the car going super fast. Okay, it's all over."

    The thing about Marty's "when you figure out that mystery, let me know" comment, that sounds a lot more like what a middle-aged guy would say about his wife, and they have one of those relationships where she's his ball-and-chain, and you keep wondering why they're even together in the first place. Coming out of a 17yo kid, it's extremely weird unless he and Jennifer fight regularly and have that kind of 20-year relationship that's confusing to any viewer with a brain.

    If the scene had been changed around from Marty awkwardly dropping the almanac to Einstein chewing on the almanac bag, that would've felt a lot more organic to introduce, "Where did this thing come from? I didn't buy anything? Marty?" instead of the awkward drop.

    I do like that Doc notices the time display discrepancy. That has to be one of the things he compulsively checks whenever he's in the car, especially since Marty ended up in 1955 because he had punched in that time, and then Marty had been frantically driving like hell to get away from the terrorists. In the film version, the fact that he doesn't notice makes him come across as being incredibly unobservant. (I also like the fact that (A) he talks to Einstein like a real person, and (B) Einstein has a habit of bumping into the time display, which gives a legitimate excuse of the readout to be wonky.)

  2. We’ve established that each of the characters end up kind of stretched out funny in the sequels in terms of components of their personalities/identities, as compared to what was established in the first movie. I think that is def what is going on with Doc’s ‘just doesn’t understand women’ thing. Yes, they’re setting up for p3, but at the cost of some of Doc’s personhood- the trick is that we don’t notice too much because overall in p2 he is much more befuddled than in p1.

    In p1, part of what makes Doc so endearing and great is that we are aware of the many sides to Doc (Saxophone King of Hill Valley, anyone?) and that he can break out the cool and collected (almost suave) version of himself (‘do you have a license for this equipment’ scene) or losing his friggin mind version (‘1.21 GIGAWATTS!!?!’). Lloyd plays Doc in such a way that these pieces never feel disproportionally out of place. I mean, Doc’s a bachelor, sure- but he’s no noob, either. Aside from these considerations, just go back to the scenes in p1 wherein he is around, or talking about, women (not very many, but still) as well as little things about his garage (saxophone, pin-up).

    I’ve had a ball catching up on this podcast! xoxo

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