Part II Minute 35 – Flea-ridden

Part 2 Minute-00035

Needles gives Marty Sr a call about an illegal opportunity.

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One thought on “Part II Minute 35 – Flea-ridden

  1. Marty’s comment makes me wonder if Jennifer is cheating on him. Especially considering that Lorraine is wondering where Jennifer is.

    The future doesn’t have that super-clean look to it, where everything doesn’t feel like a museum where you’re not allowed to touch anything. I wonder how the filmmakers would make that set look lived in.

    You would think that parental controls would just block the channel from the glasses or something instead of just displaying the channel number on the front of the glasses.

    The legs of the glasses could be like wrap-around headphones that would allow you to hear the conversation without blasting it like a pair of earbuds would.

    I do like the fact that not only did the Bobs have a flatscreen TV, they also included something that people would be worried about — making sure that it’s level.

    The Bowflex is also in the way of that door in the background. If any small child were to run full-tilt from that door, they would slam into that Bowflex. If Marty were thinking of his kids at all, that Bowflex would’ve been moved. (I wonder where that door leads to.)

    Oooh, ouch. On the one hand, that’s a harsh criticism of BTTF. On the other hand, is Flea wrong? Part 2 and Part 3 aren’t as good as Part 1.

    The funny thing about Marty and Needles is that even the Bobs don’t know themselves where Marty works, or what highly illegal thing Needles convinces Marty to do.

    The words under Needles is like some kind of dossier, and it feels just a tiny bit creepy. Here, have some information about the person you’re talking to that you might or might not have learned about this person during the course of conversation.

    Oh, God, a martini? A Martin-i? A Marty-ni? UGGGGGH.

    The idea of having to watch one sports sequence makes my soul cry. Unless you could talk about tactics or the evolution of how this sport was created, that might be okay, but a completely fictional sport makes me headdesk. (Unless it was like Quidditch, but even then, it’s hard to make it awesome, even in the Harry Potter movies.)

    MJF nowadays has a Lantern Jaw of Justice. And he’s still incredibly adorable, even in his fifties. It’s like, “Wow.”

    Jesus, Lea Thompson looks so incredibly hot nowadays. She looks amazing, but she looks frumpy and terrible in the original timeline. And compared to her real life appearance, even her 1985 revised timeline looks only Okay.

    The picture that you guys chose for the post is neat because you get to see 47yo!Marty’s hair is all super fluffy and greyish.

    Needles as the General Grievous of the trilogy is the perfect analogy. <3

    Part 1 is so self-contained that it's very hard to establish any new elements in the trilogy without it feeling awkward and clunky. I admire that they're setting up things outside of the "home turf" because it's a novel way of introducing things, but at the same time, it feels very much like Remember the New Guy trope all the time. 🙁

    The fact that the bullies show up in your life when you're an adult really kind of shows just how tiny Hill Valley really is.

    The "Jitz" always made me think of calling cops "the fuzz". Especially considering that he fires Marty two seconds after Marty does something illegal.

    OMG, I love Doc and Marty's conversation in his lab in the paradox draft. I love that Doc doesn't try to flail around verbally and not tell Marty anything about Norman in the first place, but I especially LOVE the fact that Doc just flat-out says that 47 isn't old. 80-100 is old, 47 is mature. Yay, Doc! Doc himself is in his 70s in this film, so I would think that Doc would go, "No, I'M old. 47 is close to middle-aged."

    I also love that Marty points out that Doc's reasoning is wonky, and that Doc said that he and Jennifer turned out fine. Calling him out on that bit of verbal obfuscation is lovely because I always see Marty as being a bit of a mom to Doc, especially when Doc is eyeballs-deep in a science experiment and he forgets to eat. <3

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