Part II Minute 34 – Pizza Night

Part 2 Minute-00034

Grandma Lorraine hydrates a pizza for dinner with the McFly family.

GUEST: Pete the Retailer of Star Wars Minute!


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 34 – Pizza Night

  1. The rehydrator always felt like a misnomer because the pizza isn’t this dried thing. It’s just this teeny weeny little coin, and it suddenly expands and is fresh. I would figure that a rehydrator would kind of be the opposite of a microwave where it injects water into something instead of cooking the water inside of something.

    Papa Murphy’s sounds awesome, really. I had an idea like that a few days ago (from the time of this comment, sorry guys) and had wondered if anyone else had ever done it before.

    I like the idea of the teeny weeny pizzas being available at places like Walmart or something.

    It’s funny that you mentioned the sound, because it reminds me of how cellphones and laptops ended up evolving. Like, when cellphones could first take pictures, they didn’t have the click noise, but people wanted to have the click noise to show that the picture had been taken. The same thing with computer keys and touch screens and that kind of thing — people liked hearing the clicking, even though they don’t actually need the clicking to happen anymore for the machine to have registered that you entered input. 😀

    The pizza is also weird because the one that’s pre-cut looks almost too perfect. I mean, who cuts pizza that perfectly?

    As for the teeny weeny pizzas could just be a pre-made thing that you buy at the store, and Grandma Lorraine either thought she was getting green pepper pizza, and she grabbed the wrong one because it was right next to it, or it could be that there weren’t any purely green pepper pizzas, and the closest one was a pepperoni/green pepper combo.

    The pitcher looks like it’s supposed to be some kind of herbal tea, but it looks really horrible? And then when Marty tries to pour it, it’s another way of showing that he’s got crappy stuff that’s malfunctioning.

    It also could be that the audio sensor on the fruit tray is wonky, and you have to raise your voice in order to get it to lower, or you have to pitch your voice at just the right timbre, or else it just doesn’t register it.

    (I have this urge to throw Junior in a shower and wash the hell out of his hair. UGH.)

    The idea of parental controls on machines in order to reinforce politeness and manners is interesting, but I think it would’ve been interesting to have the machines actually say “USE YOUR MANNERS” when someone just demands something.

    I like the glasses because they’re two different things. Marlene’s are a phone, and Junior’s are like a second TV or something. That’s pretty awesome. It’s kind of like Google Glass, I think? I haven’t really tried to look into that, though.

    Marty and Junior having the small argument about watching TV is actually a deleted scene on the 25th anniversary DVD! I do like that they did that because it’s such a father-son argument in TV or movies, especially when grandparents are around.

    I keep wondering if Junior might be mentally ill, or socially stunted or something.

    OMG, the Atrocity Channel entry on Futurepedia….

    Uncle Joey can never get out of prison. Geez. What the heck did he do to land in jail in the first place? Like, did he murder someone? Did he just keep stealing things from people in order to keep going back to prison? INQUIRING MINDS.

    (Numping still sounds so inappropriate.)

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww, Marty as a valet driver in the 1967 draft? What the heck. O_O He’s presumably gone completely grey by 47 is curious because George wasn’t completely grey in 1985. George has salt-and-pepper hair, but isn’t completely grey.

    Oh, geez, Marty and Norman. Ouch. D:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, wow, the conversation about the lottery. I’ve heard that same exact get-rich-quick mentality out of my mother for *decades*, and it was always pathetic when I heard it. It tells me that this version of Marty has either started to disconnect from reality just a little, or that he is so desperate for a solution, he’s latching onto any chance, no matter how slim, to make his life better instead of buckling down and working himself to the bone to try to make his life better.

  2. Okay, so I think this is right about the time of the picture you’ve chosen for this minute.

    Whilst everyone else is talking, Old Marty says something like “I’m sorry,I missed that whole thing.”

    Did you guys notice that and do you have any idea what it was in reference to? Maybe it was something Mike Fox said which wasn’t edited out?

    If I’m honest, it’s been bugging me for years!

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