Part II Minute 33 – A Pile of Clothes

Part 2 Minute-00033

Marty Sr comes home from work to find Marty Jr watching TV for once, while Biff steals the Delorean.

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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 33 – A Pile of Clothes

  1. I noticed that household clutter is very much a specialty of Steven Spielburg. Poltergiest and Close Encounters of the Third Kind both had a very accurate amount of clutter.

  2. Marty’s watch is almost like an upgrade of the calculator watch that he had in 1985.

    I’m thinking old-Biff could figure out the time machine controls because in Part 1, it doesn’t take all that long for Doc to explain it to Marty. “This one tells you where you are, This one tells you where you’re going, This one tells you where you were”, and then he just has to punch a code into the machine. It might take one or two tries for Biff to get it right, but then off he goes.

    What I find a bit of a head-scratcher is that Doc traveled to 2015 with Marty and Jennifer. Presumably, that means he has to find more crap to put into the Mr. Fusion so that he can use the time circuits again. But Biff is able to climb into the car and go with no problem.

    And it’s not loaded and primed because when Doc brings Marty and Jennifer back to the car, he makes a point of loading up Mr. Fusion with more crap to make it go. So, if Doc felt the need to do that before he used the time circuits to get back to 1985, that means that the Mr. Fusion didn’t have anything in it, so Biff shouldn’t have been able to go back to 1955 in the first place.

    Now, the only explanation around this hole is that whenever Doc uses the time circuits, he doesn’t use all of the fuel in Mr. Fusion. Maybe he uses about half, and then he always makes a point of refilling it, even if it’s already full. (Like how people who play FPS games will always reload their gun, even if they’ve just shot one bullet.) So, there, I fixed the hole. 😀

    I actually like Doc’s explanation of the paradox a lot better in the 1967 draft. @_@ Like, in this version, Doc is shown to be more discreet, because he doesn’t have the universe exploding conversation just out in public. The digression about Sweden is so odd, though.

    There are things in that draft that I wish had made it into the final movie, and that’s kind of sad.

    (I do like hearing about when the different drafts were written. I mean, you hear about the fact that Part 1 was written years before they actually got greenlit, so hearing the tight timeframe for the sequel movies is fascinating because they had to get to the final draft in a hurry, especially with Zemeckis dealing with WFRR.)

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