Part II Minute 32 – The Horror of Jennifer Parker

Part 2 Minute-00032

Grandma Lorraine tells Marlene all about her father’s failures while Marty Jr decides to watch some TV.

GUEST: Pete the Retailer of Star Wars Minute!


One thought on “Part II Minute 32 – The Horror of Jennifer Parker

  1. In the DVD commentary for the 25th anniversary, I remember Bob Gale talking about how in every shot where they have the DeLorean or a flying car going from model to car or vice versa, there’s always some vertical point of reference on the camera (usually some kind of telephone pole or whatever) where, on one side is X, and the other is Y, and they always do that with each SFX shot. I thought that was pretty awesome, though I hadn’t realized that they did that with a moving actor as well. Awesoooome.

    Okay, now I’m really curious about what the Nostalgia Critic has to say. I haven’t really tried to look for his work too much, but I have friends who love him. (Oh! I wonder if I watched that, because I seem to remember either him or someone commentating *like* him talking about the dinosaurs in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, and how Jurassic Park was a whole lot more effective in its dinosaur delivery than JW.)

    The idea of using fusion technology to power homes and businesses has got to suck if people ran out of stuff to fuse. (I know they won’t, but *still.*) The ultimate consumer culture at work. 😀

    I remember when cable and satellite exploded with a ridiculous number of channels. It was really weird.

    Oh, man, the six channels that Marty Jr. is watching is awesome.

    The first channel could be Jackass, or “weird-ass things that people do”.

    The second channel could be a post-apocalyptic story.

    The third channel is the most pathetic wank-material ever. Considering this is Marty Jr., I’m really not surprised.

    I wonder if the McFlys have a touch screen? Like, maybe when the TV is being tilted, he could’ve touched the screen like when you move your mouse all the way over to one edge of your computer when you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, and that ends up pulling up menus.

    As for Marty Sr.’s performance, I have to agree. Yeah, it has to be a big departure from our Marty to make it a really big wakeup call, but the big trouble with Marty Sr.’s characterization is that we’re told all of these things about him, instead of seeing them for ourselves. If we got sporadic shots of Marty Sr.’s feet throughout the adventure, and we saw for ourselves that he’s a serious sad sack, then okay. But there has to be some semblance of the Marty we know in the sad sack here, or else it feels like this guy is pretending to be Marty in thirty years, *even though it’s the same actor*.

    With Doris in the 1967 draft, Jennifer has no leg to stand on. If I’m at home, I’m going to wear what’s comfortable, not what’s going to look nice. If Doris were leaving the house, okay, there might be some room to talk, but Jennifer needs to get off her high horse about her future daughter because screw you, I’m not dressing up to watch TV in my own house.

    Doris and Norman are interesting because they’re not twins, and they’re the “worst case scenario” for Marty’s kids. So, as soon as Marty fixes his life, they’re going to change around. It would’ve been interesting to see what they would look like if they were kids of a happier, saner version of Marty and Jennifer.

    (I also like Doris and Norman because it’s *not* Marty Jr. and Marlene.)

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