Part II Minute 31 – Taxi Parrot

Part 2 Minute-00031

As Doc and Marty arrive at Hilldale in search of Jennifer, Biff also arrives having tailed them in a taxi.

GUEST: Pete the Retailer of Star Wars Minute!


One thought on “Part II Minute 31 – Taxi Parrot

  1. Man, I feel like I really need that freeze frame kind of thing to watch this, because I never even noticed the Statue of Liberty lamp. Geez, Marty, hoarding instinct much?

    I gotta be honest — the theory about Marty becoming a hoarder because his life sucks and the only thing he can do is look back is really mind-blowing. That makes perfect sense. He even has a guitar, even though the accident screwed up his hand so that he can’t play anymore. You’d think that he’d throw it in the trash so that he wouldn’t be reminded of what he can’t do anymore, but he still holds onto it, and he still tries to play it when no one else is watching.

    UGH, the “automobile accident” part just makes me *cringe* because of how clunky it is. There had to have been a better way to write this whole movie with natural speech patterns, at the very least. 🙁

    I wonder if part of the reason they kept showing the DeLorean landing was because the audience is unconsciously waiting for it to choke and die, and then plummet to the ground with a crash? I mean, yeah, Doc souped it up, and it can fly, but the DeLorean could *still* be a crappy car, even if it flies. It could be that one of the hover-thingies just craps out because it’s a DeLorean? 😀

    (Either that, or it’s Zemeckis who loves his toys. I mean, there’s the deleted kitchen scene that Zemeckis did *just* because he wanted to show off the technology.)

    Omg, have you seen that one tumblr post of the comic where Batman is threatening a bunch of thugs while holding a baby? He’s all Serious, but he’s holding a baby, and it’s hilarious. And it’s even better when the woman he saves — while *still surrounded by the thugs* — corrects the way Batman holds the baby.

    When I was listening to Pete mention the difference between 1984 and 1989, I immediately thought of the Cold War. Like, 1984, it’s still a thing, it’s still this thing on everyone’s minds, the us vs. them mentality with Russia, and then in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, and we sort of considered ourselves the “winners”. With that kind of “the war is over” attitude, I can see the country starting to look at itself, and look at its beliefs and attitudes and sort of react to the previous mindset a bit? I could be wrong, though.

    It was neat to hear the comparisons of the different movie styles for the taxi, because when I think of the movies you guys mentioned, I remember them being the kind of dystopias that the Bobs were trying to edge away from when they were creating 2015? Like, okay, they were avoiding Blade Runner, but like, Super Mario Bros was a dystopia because Koopa had taken over and made everything shitty, and the Fifth Element feels more grungy than evil dystopian government — it feels like it tries to take modern life, and then just add lots of stuff to it instead of making the mood darker or lighter than the modern time attitude?

    I have to say, I always like it when filmmakers take actual things and turn them into snazzy future things instead of just making future things from scratch. Truth is weirder than fiction sometimes, but also because it gives it a sense of substance that a completely made-up thing might lack.

    The lighted curb is another thing I completely didn’t notice. Or, if I did, I completely forgot about it because I was focused on something else going on at the time. (oops). I wonder if the lighted curb is to show different parking spots for maximum space usage? Like, y’know how some douche parks in two or three spots because he’s a douche, and it completely wastes all that space? Whereas if you fit inside the lines when parallel parking in a tourist trap, there are more cars that can fit, and therefore, the city gets more of a profit off the parking meters. ^^;

    For Hilldale, of course, the concern might be more curbside parking for flying cars to allow them room to land properly and park without being a dick to their neighbors. I’ve read a couple of stories on the petty-revenge tumblr about dickhead neighbors parking in spots they shouldn’t be that I can see Hilldale doing something similar. Also, lighted curbs can help for flying cars that are getting home after dark by providing a bit of a runway.

    I love that the ratio is 85 real/15 futuristic. I wonder if the reason that some of the movies that crash so badly is because the ratio was the other way around? (Then again, I really liked Force Awakens, so I dunno.) I like having things that make *sense*, even if the characters aren’t going to interact with it directly in the course of the plot.

    Fred and Priscilla made me think of the discussion about Gonzo and Camilla. (sorry not sorry)

    I still love Marty falling in the air, and Doc saving him. <3

    It's nice to see Doc scolding Marty instead of just sort of telling Marty the goal for a specific thing and letting Marty do his thing, but at the same time, what? Why is Doc really laying into him?

    Hee hee, I love Doc being skeptical of the federal government, though it really reminds me of the story in the comics where the government comes to talk to Doc during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Accu-locked sounds almost like a homing missile or something.

    The over-reliance on Einstein's nose in the paradox draft is really, really weird. @_@

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