Part II Minute 30 – Wearing George’s Face

Part 2 Minute-00030

The McFly family discusses the broken scene screen as Jennifer listens from a closet.

GUEST: Ali Colluccio of Panels!


One thought on “Part II Minute 30 – Wearing George’s Face

  1. Well, if you’re talking to your granddaughter, “I threw my back out on the golf course” sounds innocent, but “I got hit by a car that fell out of the sky” is the kind of statement that’s immediately followed by a call to 911. 😀

    I loved Terrence Howard’s Rhodey a lot more than Don Cheadle’s. I miss him as Rhodey, so I’m one of those fans that goes, “That’s not my Rhodey.”

    The thing I heard was that Crispin Glover was going to be offered less than what everyone else was going to get for doing the sequels, and he wanted to be paid the same as Lea and Tom to come back.

    Not only is it just one pizza, but they were only six pre-cut slices.

    Ahahahaha, omg, Doc stalking Marty’s family. He wants to make sure that Marty’s home life is happy, and when he sees how crappy it is on regular basis, he’s like, “Nope! Gotta fix this shit NOW.”

    Einstein always goes mudding, and Doc has to hose him off, that’s why he’s always wet. 😀

    That entire conversation where the repairman calls Marty a chicken makes absolutely *no sense*. What is this big risk that Marty is supposedly showing cowardice about trying? Why would a repairman — a guy who comes into your home in order to perform a service for you — trying to pick a fight with a paying customer? Why would Marty’s refusal to do something merit the repairman calling him a chicken, as opposed to the repairman saying something like, “You’re missing ouuuuuuuuut?”

    The introduction of Marty’s berserk button about “chicken” had to be the clunkiest, most awkward way of introducing the concept ever. Considering some of the subtle (and not so subtle) foreshadowing that the Bobs have done in Part 1, it feels like the Bobs just stared at that specific exchange for two weeks and then screamed in a fit of rage, “I CAN’T &$%#ING TAKE IT ANYMORE. JUST WRITE IT. WE’LL FIX IT LATER.” And then they never did.

    The more I hear about the paradox draft, the more I’m so glad that this random crap didn’t happen. Just. Jesus. Slamball. Then again, that seriously is a thing that Baby Boomers would do nowadays. Or they were doing that kind of crap ten years ago. (I remember there being an article or two that talked about “people in this ridiculously older age bracket are getting a record number of injuries!” and it was because Baby Boomers didn’t want to admit that they were, indeed, getting older, and were still doing the crazy shit that they did when they were 20-30 years younger, when they could actually do that stuff without seriously hurting themselves.)

    It’s funny that the “I can’t let them think I’m cheap/not with it” reasoning got dropped, but the chicken aspect still stayed. Because okay, in this draft, Marty has serious money troubles, and has issues with being too proud to accept help from his parents (apparently), and that kind of statement makes a lot of sense from a character who feels like his worth as a person is tied up in his ability to buy things and (in an unspoken sense) provide for his family. The Marty who had serious financial troubles would’ve been a lot more interesting to watch than a Marty who goes off because someone calls him a chicken.

    One big problem with the chicken element in general is the fact that the way that the Bobs kept shoehorning into places that, linguistically and logistically, it made absolutely *no sense* to mention.

    Awwww! Geez, George giving away his fortune is really nice of him.

    … wait, a hospital is *unnecessary*? What?

    Having the chase sequence happen in a hospital dedication ceremony is so odd.

    OMG, Marty going into the air! Wow, that would’ve an awesome twist!


    (omg, “not God. Einie!” ahahahahahahaha omggggg)

    The last bits that you said at the very end made me think of the usual things that people say to each other around Christmas time. Hee hee. <3

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