Part II Minute 3 – Story Buffalo

Part 2 Minute-00003

Biff Tannen’s eyes narrow in sinister suspicion as he sees the DeLorean fly off and disappear in a streak of flames.


One thought on “Part II Minute 3 – Story Buffalo

  1. Hi, guys! Sorry I didn’t comment this morning — I was wiped before and needed a few extra minutes of shut-eye before I had to start my day. With any luck, the rest of the commentary will be ridiculously early from now on! 😀

    Doc hesitaaaaaates. I love that CL is able to convey that without having to add any dialogue to it. 😀

    Man, it’s so weird to think that Aunt Becky (and yes, her name was Aunt Becky on Full House) could’ve been the replacement for Claudia Wells. @_@ I remember you guys mentioning the fact that there were a number of girls for Jennifer in the first movie because of Eric Stoltz/MJF casting changes.

    Oooooops, new crew. *headdesk* Don’t you just love consistent goofs?

    It’s fascinating that Biff’s just able to turn on a dime like that. I mean, yeah, he’s this “lovable” wimp at the end of Part 1, and it feels very pat where he’s just a nice, jovial kind of guy, where you just couldn’t believe that he could possibly try to rape somebody, but when he’s watching the DeLorean, it’s like, “Holy shit, his entire personality is a facade, and he’s just waiting for the day when he can unzip his skin and just murder the hell out of everybody.” O_O

    And the funny thing is, because of the way that Biff acts to Marty specifically at the end of Part 1, I have this headcanon where Marty is the only person in the family who actually treats Biff nicely. Like, George throws his weight around, and Lorraine keeps her distance as much as she can, and Dave and Linda are too self-important to talk to The Help, but Marty could feel a kinship to a guy who (on his face) is a bit of an outcast like him. Marty growing up doesn’t know that Biff tried to rape his mom, and Lorraine would never tell anybody at all in a million years. So, Marty just thinks that Biff’s kind of this sad guy who deserves sympathy and to be treated kindly. It’s only after he goes to 1955 that he realizes, whoa, Biff tried to rape his mom. Ugh.

    Okay, so the paradox script is already making me cringe with how hokey it sounds with Biff just hiding behind his truck the whole time. Just. What?

    The idea of it being Back to the Future: Paradox sounds really awesome. I kind of wish they’d gone with that instead of Part 2 and Part 3.

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