Part II Minute 29 – The Elephant in the Room

Part 2 Minute-00029

The doorbell rings and Jennifer hides as Marlene McFly comes downstairs to answer the door.

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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 29 – The Elephant in the Room

  1. A couple entries from IMDB:

    – The role of Marlene McFly was originally written for Crispin Glover.

    – Despite what some believe, the voice of Marlene McFly was not that of Michael J. Fox, but rather voice actress Grey Griffin.

    I don’t know if those are true, but I liked this one:

    – At the school dance, Biff is shown ‘spiking’ the punch with alcohol. In Back to the Future (1985) George is shown drinking the punch before confronting Biff in the parking lot. It may be that George’s uncharacteristic courage in the original scene is attributable to drinking Biff’s spiked punch.

    Now THAT’S a Biff Ripple! lol

    As for the hypothetical Doris McFly’s weight, Linda’s weight didn’t change when her history did. Norman and Doris seem like a reiteration of the original Dave and Linda.

  2. 1: Is anyone else depressed as HECK by the scenery channel? Like, distracting ourselves from the real world through the digital is a thing we do, and good on the Bobs for foreseeing how much time we’d spend staring at screens in the future, but covering up your windows because you don’t want to look outside? That’s iiincreeedibly sad to me. I guess it expresses how unpretty Hilldale is. But then there’s more “shutting out the world” stuff in the dinner scene, in which Marty Jr. and Marlene are decked out in all the wearable tech.

    2: The McFly house totally does not feel like a house. From the stark lighting to the high ceiling and open layout, this feels like a set. Even later in the kitchen, when things get more closed-in, it feels very “sitcom.” Plastic and not-lived-in. Which, going off my comment above, could simply reflect the way the McFlys interact (or rather, don’t interact) with their world now.

    Like, compare this house to the ’85 McFly house in part one–even in the ‘perfected’ timeline Marty returns to. This 2015 house is just–it’s so upsetting to look at.

  3. Whenever I think of Kylo Ren nowadays, I think of that one tumblr post that says that Kylo Ren is such a fake fan of Vader because he didn’t know that Vader was redeemed in the end. 😀

    I like seeing Marlene upstairs before we see her face. It gives her a sense of “she’s doing something unrelated to the action in order to show that this is a world that isn’t 100% tied to the camera and the plot.” Like how Miyazaki included things like cigarette hedgehogs in the two Lupin III episodes that he directed. There’s no point at all to the cigarette hedgehogs, but they give the scene a lived-in quality.

    Oh, geez, the idea of their wedding photo already being affected by the Biff Ripple is interesting.

    I love the idea that Jennifer’s happily ever after *isn’t* with Marty. Because the thing is, how many people marry their high school sweethearts? And how many of those couples stay together? How many of those couples are genuinely happy?

    Hee hee, Idris Elba! YEEEEEEEEEAH. I support this! Idris Elba is hawwwt.

    You’ve mentioned before that Elisabeth Shue is really in sync with MJF’s comedic style, and I still agree with you. 😀

    I love how it’s called the Harry Potter closet instead of the coat closet now. 😀

    I love the transgender theory a lot more than the science of time travel explanation. I love Marlene being transgender, and they were identical twins. (I also love the idea that the entire family doesn’t treat her transgender identity as something unnatural or horrible.)

    Oh, if they were both Marty Juniors, they’d be like the identical twin grand-uncles from Gravity Falls — they’re both named Stan, but one is Stanley and the other is Stanford.

    Vidbooks actually sound like the electronic picture frames. Like, our grandmother had a picture frame, and my uncle and cousins could upload pictures from the rest of us whenever we sent more pictures. (I know that’s not the correct name for it, but that’s the best I could come up with, sorry.)

    Oh, God, what the hell is wrong with Gale describing Marlene in the paradox draft?! Ewww!

    Okay, I can deal with Norman and Doris a lot better than Marty Junior and Marlene.

    Okay, no, what. Why would she be wearing a bathrobe without being panicked. UGH. Why would her physical appearance be so bad to show that she’s a “loser”? UGH UGH UGH.

    Doc and Marty mittens as a pair? AWWWW! *coos gently*

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