Part II Minute 28 – Biff Ripples

Part 2 Minute-00028

Officers Reese and Foley drop Jennifer off at the McFly household of 2015.

GUEST: Ali Colluccio of Panels!


One thought on “Part II Minute 28 – Biff Ripples

  1. Oooh! I hadn’t thought of Hilldale already being run down just because of Biff having his hands on the almanac in 2015 is already changing the future. That’s kind of amazing. Though it raises the question of whether Doc would recognize the ripple effect while he was there? He’s the one who’s seen the neighborhood before he brought Marty to the future, so he’d be the one to notice any significant changes. Which either means that Hilldale was pretty rundown when he came to visit the first time, or he is just so hyperfocused on Marty that he literally did not notice how good or crappy the neighborhood is. It’s kind of like how Doc and Marty don’t notice how crappy and frightening Lyon Estates has become when they return to Hell Valley.

    Biff Ripples sounds incredibly gross, and I would need to try a free sample in order to eat them. (And even then, I might need to discreetly throw them away.)

    Oh, geez, Biff Ripples could be the kind of burp that has heartburn attached. Those suck so bad. 😀

    God, I live for the gag reel where a person calls their partner by the wrong name. 😀

    Oh, wow. O_O I never would’ve thought of that for “lobos”. I’m so used to Lobos being used as a gang name that I would’ve figured they were like the BTTF version of the Bloods or Crips or something. Jesus. And there’s a bunch of them in Hilldale enough for a police officer to comment on it? Geez.

    From what I understand, calling a Roma and “gypsy” is like calling a black person the N word. People used to assume that all Roma were from Egypt, and that’s where the “gyp” part of the name comes from. And they’ve been chased out of countries for centuries.

    I kind of miss the Jennifer in the 1967 draft where she was an agent of her own plot, as opposed to plot happening to her just because it needs to happen in order to get the story moving along. I like the idea of her figuring out the whole thumbplate thing instead of Doc having to tell her that she has to do that when he shows up later in the movie. I like her actually catching a train and going to her future house instead of just being dragged there by the police because they found her unconscious. I realize that when the plot is happening *to* her, it feels a lot more natural than her acting out-of-character in order to make the story progress, but it feels like it loses something when she’s just turned into a piece of set dressing that has to be moved around instead of being a person. Yes, her presence complicates things for Part 2 in general and makes it a threesome instead of Doc and Marty on another adventure, but I always felt like the Bobs had a missed opportunity to make Jennifer awesome. In the “Continuity Conundrum” storyline in the comics, Jennifer has a chance to be awesome, even after the plot has started to pick up. She’s been a voice of reason and a badass, and it’s been great! (Though I do find it curious that it was the Marty-and-Jennifer show, and with Doc’s complications, Marty and Jen are still kind of being a buddy cop duo with Doc along for the ride, which is really disappointing.)

    One of the things that I *don’t* miss from these earlier drafts is the weird-ass lingo that the Bobs just sort of inserted to make it ~futuristic~.

    I wonder if the police could have some kind of handheld scanner that they could use to call up the thumbprints and then wait for it to be scanned. Either that, or what if the cops had special gloves (not the half-gloves that the police are wearing here) where the pads of the gloves could change to either the thumbprints of at least one registered occupant of the house, or a universal override code. I mean, cops sometimes use the “exigent circumstances” in order to enter a home, especially if they think that someone might be in danger, so it would make sense if they had some kind of override code for any house in their jurisdiction.

    The whole Knights of Ren riff that you guys went on made me think of Napoleon Dynamite. Imagine just how less seriously we would’ve taken Whiny McEmoson if he’d spoken like Napoleon Dynamite. Hell, Napoleon Dynamite would’ve made a more interesting villain than him. (I’m not a fan, can you tell?)

    Heh, the cynical part of me thinks that the cops didn’t ask because if they did, and she told them, they might’ve been obligated to arrest her for being under the influence of drugs in public, and also there could’ve been some kind of “it was entrapment” bs that they’d have to deal with, so they’ve just learned not to ask, especially since she wasn’t doing anything but sleeping in an alleyway.

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