Part II Minute 27 – Cartoon Car

Part 2 Minute-00027

Doc explains a worst case scenario to Marty as the police take Jennifer home to Hilldale. Meanwhile, Biff heard everything and takes the almanac out of the trash.

GUEST: Ali Colluccio of Panels!


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 27 – Cartoon Car

  1. Couple days behind here, but I think it’s in this episode that you talk about it not being a big deal in most movies for an old person to miss their younger self. You missed the king of all movie space-time paradoxes: Ron Silver merging with himself into paradox goo in Timecop. Prepare to be amazed…

  2. Eeeek. Whenever I see this specific moment, I always wince at how Doc’s eyeline doesn’t match where the police car is flying. >_<

    I hadn't realized what the car looked like until I saw the picture and heard you guys talking about it before I looked closer at the picture on the post. Oh. God. It's like a bug or something. D:

    I understand that this was the mid-to-late '80s, but Jesus, a model would've been better than that. D:

    I know that they started rotoscoping the end of the Fellowship of the Ring because they had run out of money, and they needed to finish it quickly? I seem to remember my ex-step-dad telling me that.

    "Over the Garden Wall" has Christopher Lloyd in it! I also need to watch that. ^^;

    Oh, geez, I wish I could do frame-by-frame of this movie, just because I want to see all of these little things you keep mentioning.

    I like the idea of the police car specifically being rounded off because they're supposed to protect and serve. If you're accidentally spearing small children with your car when you're landing and a kid is running into the street for some reason, that kind of sends a bad message. Round is perceived as friendlier than sharp. 😀

    Doc's logic about whether or not the universe or galaxy will explode if the two Jennifers meet is a bit sketchy, if only because of other time travel shows being a bit more permissive. I dunno if either of you have seen the Fifth Doctor adventure "Mawdryn Undead" that has two Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewarts not only in the same room and interacting, but actually about to touch hands, and it's them touching hands that releases this shit-ton of energy that fixes the problem for the antagonist(s) of the adventure? I'm sketchy on details, but after having vaguely seen that years ago, the whole "you can't see your younger/older self at all" seems really paranoid?

    Then again, it's not like Doc really knows anything about time travel, other than what he's figured out through trial and error along the way. ^^;

    In-universe, the reason that Doc is saying "time machine" without worry is that he forgets he's in public constantly. Thank God he's not a nudist or else Marty would be following after him all the time with a spare change of clothes to make sure he doesn't get arrested.

    My personal headcanon is that Doc has learned that you can say the most bizarre crap in public, and either people are flat-out never going to believe you, or they just don't care. Karen the Accountant isn't going to give a damn about this old man talking about a time machine because she desperately needs her Starbucks coffee in order to survive the rest of the day at work.

    I love the idea of calling it a "baby Mr.Fusion".

    Now, to be fair, there were other cars that had the hover conversion, so Doc didn't really change that?

    Oh, sweet God, Doc driving around with Einstein sniffing Marty's trail is absolutely horrible. There would be wind involved! You can't do things like that! Especially that high up! Doc, seriously! *flail*

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