Part II Minute 26 – Reese & Foley

Part 2 Minute-00026

An unconscious Jennifer is found in the alley where Marty and Doc left her by two police officers.

GUEST: Ali Colluccio of Panels!


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 26 – Reese & Foley

  1. One has to be very careful when dealing with an unconscious women. Jennifer leaves our view for some time. If Jennifer were picked up by male officers, a team with at least one male, or two overly sexy female officers (promoting women as sexual objects above all else), we would wonder if Jennifer arrived to her future home unmolested.

    (Suddenly I am seeing a shot of shifty, older male officers bringing in young Jennifer as an older child that doesn’t look anything like Marty appears in the family portraits behind them.)

    But with two by-the-book female officers, we can easily imagine the tone of the officer’s trip to Hilldale was mostly impatience over the traffic. Jennifer was safe. =)

  2. So, are you saying the robotic trash can is an outdoor Roomba? 😀

    I hadn’t realized that two women were cast just because it would be the opposite of Blade Runner, and to have a nice, happy future, so the cops are beautiful women. I don’t mind that they’re beautiful women, but it feels like there’s no such thing as ugly women on the police force. It’s almost like with Spike in Griff’s gang. In the ’50s, it would’ve been unheard of for a woman and colored people to hang out with hypermasculine white American male, but in 2015, it’s more inclusive, and as weird as it is because these are the bad guys, it’s also awesome because this movie came out in 1989, and I keep feeling like there was less of that inclusive feel in movies back then?

    I’m also glad that they’re not hypersexualized either. They’re just walking their beat, making sure that tranquilized people get home safe, and yeah they might have the same braid, but maybe the police force has regs like the military does, where women have rules about how to wear their hair and so on.

    What kind of dogs do you think Doc and Marty would be?

    When you guys mentioned how excited Marty is to see where he lives and see himself as an “old man”, I immediately thought of this post from MrMcFlyThrillMe:

    What’s hilarious about the police box was that they were so prevalent in the 1960s, but Doctor Who lasted longer than the police box did, so the BBC were able to actually take the police box from the actual police force, and made it a Doctor Who thing. I wish I could remember the details, but that was kind of the gist?

    That is some serious shade to throw, Linda. Jesus. Why in the world does she turn into Biff for a line or two? UGH.

    Oh, Griff, you’re trying. You’re very trying. *facepalm* It’s a very Dick Dastardly moment, or something.

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