Part II Minute 24 – Doc Drama

Part 2 Minute-00024

Biff notices there are two Marty McFlys as Doc notices the chaos that Marty has wrought.


One thought on “Part II Minute 24 – Doc Drama

  1. Y’know how things get melded together? Like, you can’t remember what year something came out, so you end up thinking that it came out earlier than it really did, just because they’re so prevalent nowadays.

    The idea of no-flying cars in certain sections of town reminds me of Bonn. There’s a part of downtown (where one of the post offices is) where you’re just not allowed to drive a car, at all. Not even to drop someone off at a business or something. I don’t know why they decided to do that, because the streets in the walking-only area were wide enough to accommodate cars. But there were just no cars. I don’t remember there being any sidewalks either, just cobblestone as far as the eye can see (so that might’ve been why), but I can see Hill Valley putting some kind of initiative into place that maybe the roads are in such bad repair because of the cars just landing vertically and causing repeated damage to the pavement, so there’s these NO LANDING signs painted on the roads to try to keep them from needing to be re-paved every other month or so.

    Junior having seen Midnight Cowboy would’ve been Marty’s doing, definitely. Either that, or if Doc is such a fixture at Marty’s house that he knows where Marty lives and he knows how screwed up Marty’s life is like, he might’ve felt the need to show Junior (and possibly Marlene) “classic movies” just to make sure that they know about these things. Like how older siblings will show you cool stuff just so that you know what it is when they reference it or something.

    Oh, God, Marty being so incredibly anvilicious about what he’s doing in the paradox draft. Marty, honey, no. Stop. This is the perfect place to use the gif of the cat putting its paw on a person’s hand and just looking solemn. No.

    The hand just snagging the almanac made me think, of all things, of the bit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where there’s something onscreen, and then this gorilla hand comes in from offcamera and just swipes the thing? Ugh, I can’t remember exactly when it happens or what’s going on, but I want to say it was during the large book being read out loud, and stuff like, “and the aptly named Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Film”.

    I love that Doc’s shirt is actually his handkerchief in Part 3. <3

    Omg, Huey Lewis and the News in the 1967 draft???

    I love moving floors. Those are so fun. And if you're tired, you can just stand still, and you keep traveling to where you want to go. <3

    …. I just. Thank God they wrote out the whole Huey Lewis segment. Oh. My. God.

    This is another thing about Part 2. It didn't make it into the final product, but the mentality that they needed to keep calling back again and again is still there in the final product. It's just kind of sad, because it is totally possible to create brand new stories with Doc and Marty that don't involve a retread of what's happened to them before. You could go meta and say that, because they successfully traveled through time, they're doomed to always experience the same types of events over and over as a consequence of them defying the laws of physics and so on, but BTTF doesn't go into the science part of it. Doc just opens his mouth to explain stuff in a way that makes sense, and that's about it. He doesn't get super-technical because Marty's not the same kind of science geek that Doc is.

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