Part II Minute 23 – Dust Jacket

Part 2 Minute-00023

Marty hatches a get rich quick scheme and buys a 1950-2000 sports almanac.

GUEST: Preeti Chhibber of Oh, Comics!


3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 23 – Dust Jacket

  1. I have a different opinion about the sport almanac. You mentioned that after Biff wins for the first few times the world should have changed so much that the almanac doesn´t work anymore. But! we see things (like pictures) constantly in these movies. I think that the alamanc since it is a product from the future will adapt itself even thou Biff changes the future actively by using it. Does this make sense to you? So until the year 2000 he can use it all he wants.

  2. The size of the almanac and its dust jacket was the set up for Biff’s switcharoo with his copy of Oh La La! later.

    And really, how could an issue of Oh La La possibly be any bigger? You can’t pad those things out to the size of a 50 year all-inclusive sports almanac. No one would want to pay that kind of money for a girly magazine that they couldn’t hide under their mattress. ; )

  3. In terms of the out-of-universe logistics, Claudius and HVPS are right in that the size of the almanac has to set up for the switch with the Ooh La La! magazine later so that there’s more wacky hijinks in 1955. And also, the almanac itself would keep changing information so that it would be factually correct, no matter what changes Biff himself made to the timeline by creating BiffCo and so on.

    The dust jacket itself is hilariously stupid, but also, look at that woman’s hair! That is the classic “I told the hairstylist a little off the bottom, and I got this hack-job, and I couldn’t go to another salon before my shift started at work, so I have to pretend that this haircut is intentional.”

    The mental image of all book pages being laminated in the future makes me think of the kind of books that toddlers are given that are made of this flexible plastic so that they can take the book into the tub with them. Like, the pages are thicker, and so you’d have to either make the binding more flexible to deal with the non-flexibility of the lamination or do something completely different.

    The size of the almanac is such a major problem in terms of making sense. Even one of the Bobs made a comment during an interview where people just believe that the almanac could be that small in the BTTF universe.

    Oh, God, Doc parking. That’s another thing I have an issue with. We’ve already seen Doc just vertically lower the car down, because he did it in order to land in the alleyway, and it’s not like he’s bitching about “oh no, I messed up one of the shocks because the car wasn’t completely straight when it landed” or anything like that. Why couldn’t he have just parked straight down right next to Marty instead of just telling him what he was going to do? I can understand that he opens the door in order to Marty because I think windows in the DeLorean were kind of tiny, and it might’ve been a bit difficult to make that work visually? But yeah, it’s very much like, your friend is opening the door of the car to talk to you because his window is busted and he doesn’t want to have to scream in order to tell you what he’s doing.

    Hahaha, oh dear, Marty not having showered. Oops.

    Now, in terms of sleep, at the end of Part 1, Doc drops him off at home after having survived being shot, and Marty faceplants in his pillow, so he gets at least a few hours of sleep. It could’ve been like 2 or 3am when Doc dropped him off, and Marty is woken up by his alarm. To be fair, there hasn’t been a lot of activity to warrant him needing more sleep. It was around 10 when he woke up at the end of Part 1/beginning of Part 2, and they arrive in 2015 in the afternoon, so Marty’s got a bit of time jetlag going on, but he’s not going to be feeling it until he has to stay in one time period for longer than a few days, I think.

    The funny thing is, I actually like the idea of Biff being a super-villain? I mean, Part 2 is still my least favorite of the trilogy, but there’s reasons for that.

    1. In the final version of the storyline, Marty buys the almanac because he wants to be rich.

    2. The plot feels like it’s sort of lackadaisically wandering around, bumping into things until it realizes it needs to show up when Doc and Marty go back to 1985 and find that it’s screwed up because Biff.

    3. The hoverboard chase scene still bothers me because I want there to be *speed*. A big part of the reason that the skateboard scene in Part 1 is so dramatic is because they’re going *fast*. I can believe that Marty is skateboarding fast enough to not immediately get aced by Biff’s car, but when he does come into contact with it, he thinks fast, runs over the goons, and then lands on his skateboard and does a dramatic turn just in time to see Biff and his gang slam into a manure truck and get covered.

    4. The cartoon feel that you guys pointed out with Griff and his gang, and the 2015 segment in general. I didn’t need Keystone Cops kind of slapstick in BTTF — I’m sure there was physical humor in Part 1, but it didn’t *feel* like it was in the same world as Roger Rabbit, where the 2015 bit in Part 2 does. Junior getting thrown into a bank of TV monitors and just sort of trying to get up? How did that not break his spine or something?

    5. The way that they created Marty’s family. Why did they have the son named Marty Junior? Why did they have MJF play Marlene? Why couldn’t they have gone with more original names for the kids?

    There’s a lot of things that I don’t like about Part 2, but one of the things I did was the explanation in Doc’s garage about what happened, and the fact that they have to fix it. Yeah, I wish Doc was actually involved in the confrontation with Biff, but having him driving the DeLorean and saving Marty from the sheer drop felt like a solution that Doc would’ve thought of. Yeah, he can’t be there for Marty in the lion’s den, but he can definitely make sure that Marty’s got a reliable way to get out of there. And he trusts Marty enough to meet him halfway about that.

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