Part II Minute 22 – Mall Entrance

Part 2 Minute-00022

Marty exits the lake through the mall where his jacket dries itself and he is asked for a hundred dollars to save the clock tower.

GUEST: Preeti Chhibber of Oh, Comics!


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 22 – Mall Entrance

  1. I’m really glad you guys talked about him coming out of the mall entrance because I just noticed that and was confused.

    Mostly I’m picturing the underground-mall-goers sitting in the food court or whatever, looking up through the glass ceiling to the pond, enjoying the fish floating by…then seeing Marty’s bottom half come plunking into the water.

  2. Wait, what? I need to rewatch that again, because I don’t remember seeing him ever walking up a set of stairs? I mean, I remember seeing him standing and being soaked, and then pressing the button on his jacket to accidentally dry himself off.

    I wonder if they deliberately made jackets like that (or maybe it’s the default setting for Marty’s jacket specifically because Doc found it somewhere refurbished) where you have to push a button. Like, okay, my computer tries to update all the time, but I don’t want it to start updating without my telling it to do so. I’m in the middle of stuff, and I don’t want to have to wait 20 minutes for it to update. Maybe there’s that option on the resizing/self-drying jackets because people might have reasons that they want the jacket to wait until issued orders (a small person is borrowing their significant other’s jacket, and they don’t want to have to mess with the controls; someone deliberately jumped into a lake in the middle of a heatwave, and they don’t want to dry off because hooooot).

    Not only that, but look at Junior’s jacket. Same kind as Marty’s, but it’s obvious it’s in need of repair, because one sleeve hasn’t resized correctly, while the other hans. If this were the 1967 draft and the money troubles were a thing, it would be another subtle clue that the family doesn’t have enough money to either get Junior’s jacket fixed, or to just junk it and buy a new one.

    I love that little girl. She’s going to get in sooooo much trouble with her parents when they realize that she stole a hoverboard from someone.

    Terry looks more like a caricature than anything else. It’s so weird that this is the guy that did the voice for Roger Rabbit.

    Okay, I definitely have to stare at Terry, because I completely missed all of that except for the two-ties business.

    Another thing that’s interesting about the idea that 2015 was going to have ridiculous inflation is the East Asian influence. I mean, if you look at the Japanese yen, it’s essentially a penny. So, when something’s at the 100 yen store, it’s the dollar store. They don’t have 63 dollars and 89 cents, they have 6,389 cents as a price. I wonder if either the Bobs didn’t understand that yen worked that way in Japan, and they just sort of had $50 for a Pepsi when it really should’ve been 50 cents for a Pepsi (which would still have been mind-boggling, but more for how cheap it is than how expensive). Or it could be that the American economy really did tank that badly, and inflation really is that ridiculous.

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