Part II Minute 21 – Toe Controls

Part 2 Minute-00021

Griff uses his rocket powered hoverboard to get to Marty who is stuck in lake.

GUEST: Preeti Chhibber of Oh, Comics!


One thought on “Part II Minute 21 – Toe Controls

  1. We know that Griff has bionic implants that are on the fritz, but I keep wondering if he’d been in an accident when he was younger, and they had to really reconstruct him in order to bring him to the standard that he is in the movie. I mean, there’s whenever he’s moving or turning different body parts, and then there was that one bit in a previous minute where it looks like he’s getting physically taller.

    Now, it could just be that “bionic” meant that Griff was the new Six Million Dollar Man or something to the Bobs, but I like the idea that maybe Griff had been a nice enough kid and then he was in a car accident or something, and they had to really do a thorough job of fixing him, just because of how much damage he took from it.

    One of the things I like about the Tannens is that they have to have a gang. They have to have friends and a captive audience who think they’re awesome. Like, if anyone of the group is the most whacked out, it has to be Tannen. I realize that this is a trope, but I like the idea that Griff actually got himself kid leashes and modded his hoverboard just so that he and his friends could go out and glare at people and take swings at people with a telescopic bat. <3

    Marty's like a cat that knows that water is horrible, and Does Not Want. It's hilarious. 😀

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