Part II Minute 20 – Marty the Bojo

Part 2 Minute-00020

Griff’s gang chases Marty into a lake, but hoverboards don’t work on water.


3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 20 – Marty the Bojo

  1. Biff’s “there’s something very familiar about all this” line makes me think about how hard 1989 audiences must have laughed at that. I forget sometimes, how much people loved the first movie, and then that they had to wait four years for a sequel.

    I like your analysis of how hoverboards work/the sound design when Marty hovers over the lake. But I also thought that hoverboards don’t work well on water because they need to push off of something (presumably the ground) via magnetism or air pressure or magic in order to hover. And water, being not as solid as concrete, wouldn’t be as effective a surface to push off of. So I could imagine the hoverboard making a kind of struggling sound as it works harder to stay afloat over the softer surface.

  2. Also. Some of my favorite quotes from Part 1/ suggestions for the fandom reel:

    Minute 4 or 5?
    “He lifts his aviators and says “whoa, rock n roll.””
    “Thus becoming the coolest movie character of all time”

    Minute 22, I think:
    “You don’t get to where Doc Brown is…by dodging out of the way…you gotta be able to play chicken with a DeLorean.”

    Minute 26, I think:
    “The brilliance of the flux capacitor is it’s such a perfect cocktail of practical, understated, and it’s still kinda cuddly in the way that the back to the future franchise has to be. Like you look at the time machine in Primer and you’re just like well okay, that looks like something from a very serious movie. But you look at the flux capacitor and it’s so simple looking…Like it doesn’t look intimidating.”

    Minute 69:
    “What if Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is like a weird, backwards sequel or side-quel to Back to the Future?”

    “I think Ferris Bueller’s a time traveller.”
    “It makes total sense.”

    “OH MY GOD, Cameron’s his father.”

    Minute 74:
    “How do you think Marty came to the conclusion of the line “Hey you get your damn hands off her?” you think he went through variations?”
    “Like “HEY…SHITHEAD..get your…”
    “Hey, why don’t YOU make like a tree and get outta here??”

  3. I thought Whitey totally was wearing a balloon animal on his head? You posted a picture of him for one of the podcast episodes, and it really does look like a balloon animal. ^^;

    The hoverboards not working on water makes me think that the anti-gravity thing needs to have a solid surface — whether it’s a crowd of people, or asphalt — in order to repel from. From the way Marty just sort of tosses/throws the hoverboard and it lands on the ground, it looks like it has to constantly repel from the ground, like two magnets that are forced together, and they’re the same poles.

    The BB-8 prop is actually just like one of those plastic things that 3-year-olds get that has little balls inside of a clear plastic bubble, and the bubbles pop around when you push it. 😀 Also, the actors on set for TFA have mentioned that they would actually treat BB-8 like another actor instead of just as a weird prop.

    Hee hee, the urban dictionary. I love that they did that. <3

    Omg, Doc still has his garage in 2015. I mean, Doc would be 101 if he lived through to 2015, so it's technically still possible, but it feels more likely that he had to reestablish himself and save his garage from getting sold at auction and demolished or whatever.

    … Oh, sweet Jesus, Doc is actually *talking* to Einstein in the 1967 draft? Oh. God. What. The. Hell. Thank *God* they dropped that part.

    UGH, more missed connections plot! Seriously?!

    Marty shouldn't exhibit prey behavior around predators. 😀

    Either Doc breeds the dogs, or he investigates their bloodlines or something. That's weird. Maybe he's trying to design the perfect dog? I mean, if you look at show dogs nowadays and "purebred" dogs, they have so many different health problems because of so much inbreeding and breeding the same genes with predilections for certain diseases. So, Doc is actually being responsible by having his dogs breed with different breeds, just to add more variation and possibly add desirable traits.

    Jules Eratosthenes Brown and Verne Newton Brown are Doc's kids's full names. He and Clara were the kind of nerdy parents who named their kids after things they're fans of. If either of them had been a girl, they could've gotten away with Julia or Vera, but no, both boys.

    I think that Haley has a really good list of memorable moments for the contest. 😀

    Congratulations on Geek By Night getting nominated! Yay!

    If you guys make it to Dragon*Con, I'd love to meet you. I don't have any plans to go to Dragon*Con — still recovering from cons I've done earlier in the year which really wiped out my wallet — but I wouldn't mind making a day trip to see you. 😀

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