Part II Minute 19 – Hover Chase

Part 2 Minute-00019

Marty kicks Griff in the scrote and and runs outside to stealĀ a little girl’s… hoverboard?


One thought on “Part II Minute 19 – Hover Chase

  1. It would be fascinating if Griff were a quiet, mild-mannered kid before he got bionic implants. As for catching Marty’s punch, I like the idea of Griff’s reflexes were maximized, so even if Griff didn’t see the punch, his body reacted to the danger subconsciously.

    I liked that there’s a learning curve. Maybe Marty put his weight wrong, and wipes out.

    The hoverboard sequence is odd, because on the one hand, they got the physicality of how to use a hoverboard. On the other hand, the chase itself looks pretty pathetic because I’m expecting for these things to go *really* fast. So, as Marty’s frantically trying to gain speed, and okay, he’s supposed to be going fast now, aaaaaand he’s not. It’s especially awkward in the 1955 tunnel scene, because it literally looks like Marty would go faster if he just picked up the damn board and ran.

    It looks like Griff’s gang’s hoverboards were computer animated — there were a couple scenes where it’s kind of obvious. But Marty’s really does look solid and something you could pick up. I know that Zemeckis said that they’d deliberately switched up the ways that they filmed different shots of the hoverboard chase just to keep people guessing about what kind of techniques they used for it, but it looks like they definitely went with practical effects for Marty’s.

    Jennifer has the house in her name, and that’s the indication that Marty has serious money troubles? Ouch. I wonder if Gale would’ve tried to make Marty ha house husband as a joke or something. @_@

    I find it interesting that in the final product, Marty knows where the Hilldale housing development is going to be, but Jennifer doesn’t know about it in the 1967 draft.

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