Part II Minute 18 – Chicken McFly

Part 2 Minute-00018

Marty impersonates his son to just say no, but then Griff compares him to poultry.


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 18 – Chicken McFly

  1. Also thought about doing LOTR Minute. But I never would do The Hobbit. Sadly I am from Germany and can’t find another person willing to do this. Bit I really hope that someone will fo it. Also a German youtuber is doing a Harr Potter but not by minute (by 5 minutes).
    Keep up your work!

  2. I think that Griff was trying to divert their attention from the fact that he and his gang are throwing a kid into TV monitors and completely ready to murder someone.

    This is one of the things that I do like about the different Tannens — the fact that they’re not just Biff in 2015 and Biff in 1885 and Biff in 1955. TFW really makes them feel like different characters, even though their faces aren’t that physically different.

    The thing is, if Griff’s implants are frying his brain, he might be hyper-fixated on Junior to be part of the plan.

    The adjustable bat might be easier to hide under a coat or something. The perfect tool for delinquents when they need to hide their weaponry! A regular baseball bat, you’d need to hide under something like a trench coat. That kind of bat looks like he could hide it inside of either a Starter jacket, or some big bulky coat. (Maybe it’s an illegal modification? Like how people will saw off the muzzle of a shotgun? Though again, if it were modded like that, I would think that Griff would have a very rough version of it, like how Doc’s DeLorean was designed to look dangerous and like something that Doc built in his garage.)

    I wonder if Griff’s gang were on drugs or something, and that’s why they wanted to do the robbery in the first place. They need a fix, they’re really jonesing, and they’re ready to completely murder Junior for not cooperating.

    “Whitey” is exactly the kind of nickname that I’d expect for a Japanese dude in Griff’s gang to have. It’s the kind of nickname that you’d give to someone who differently isn’t white.

    “Rafe” is English. You know Ralph Fiennes? The way that his name is pronounced is how you’re supposed to pronounce “Rafe”. That being said, his name and Leslie’s are interesting because Gale could’ve gone with like, “Leslie Jones” and “John Turner” — very bland, very nondescript names — but Gale included more influences of where their families came from.

    Okay, to be honest, I liked some of the Hobbit movies — yes, they suffered from bloat and mismanaged attention on the weirdest things, but at the same time, there were some details that had a chance to actually breathe, instead of just being one glance and nope, we gotta go, the science fair project is due tomorrow.

    The fact that Marty’s thing about being called a chicken is so awkward because it happens here because Marty’s surrounded by cartoon characters, and it feels like he becomes a cartoon character himself. The only time there’s any sort of “chicken” thing is when Lorraine’s in the car with Marty, and she says “anybody who’s anybody drinks”, and so Marty ends up taking a sip to show he’s not a square, but that was really subtle compared to this.

    The paradox draft is better in that sense because the whole gang gets in on pushing Marty’s buttons instead of just one stupid little prod, and then Marty goes off.

    Oh, wow! I didn’t know that about Spike’s actress was part of the ride. That’s awesome!

    Geez, every time I watch that part of the movie, I keep wincing because of how the stunt double just *slams* into that pillar and bounces off. 🙁

    I like the idea of the 1967 draft trying to explain why the almanac is so light when it’s supposed to cover fifty years of *all* sporting events. It’s kind of a shame to have lost that explanation between drafts.

    Wait, the 1967 draft predicted HD format? O_O

    Wow, privacy activism? I wouldn’t be surprised if that became a thing though, considering how much Google remembers all of your interactions and your passwords and things.

    OH, GOD, HOPKINS IS THE HOTEL. It’s like how Ron Howard’s kids! All of them are named after the city or hotel where they were conceived. O_O

    I do like this way of introducing not only Marty’s birthday, but the fingerprinting tech, and a few other things about future-Marty’s life. I mean, they did a good job with Jennifer being taken home because that felt more natural and not as clunky, but I did like Marty finding out this information about himself directly instead of Doc driving him to his house and Doc presumably keeping information to himself about Marty’s future.

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