Part II Minute 17 – No Scrote

Part 2 Minute-00017

Marty Junior is bullied by Griff and his gang as Marty looks on in shame.


One thought on “Part II Minute 17 – No Scrote

  1. Marty Junior is just interesting (I keep saying the word “interesting” gah).

    That’s a really good idea about Junior. That maybe he’s got the keys to the store and the register, and they bully him enough that he’s cowed into doing what they want. (Oh, God, Junior as a fishmonger would be hilarious and so weird.) Oh, geez, could you imagine that not only does the mall not have a security force, but they just have rent-a-cops, only you don’t need any training whatsoever to be a rent-a-cop?

    Griff’s gang is a lot more inclusive than Biff’s, which is so weird. @_@ A white girl, an Eastern Asian guy, and a Hispanic-looking guy? That’s amazingly awesome of Griff? I feel weird now.

    If the girl had stabbed the claw into him, there would be a crazy amount of blood, right? And how would Junior be able to function/speak if he literally just got stabbed in the junk? I bet she’s got bionic implants too that gives her super-strength, and that’s why she can just dead-lift Junior a foot off the ground.

    Female bullies are awkward in movies because they’re trying to translate a part of girl culture to boy culture, as weird as that might sound? Like, female bullies go after your reputation, they go for social humiliation, whereas male bullies tend to go for physical damage? That’s not to say female bullies don’t throw down when they feel like it, but when two girls get into a fight, it’s not the punching and kicking that boys do. It’s hair-pulling, it’s tearing clothes, it’s biting and clawing and punching and kicking. The most brutal fight in my high school was two girls where one of them picked up a bit of a brick from nearby, and sent the other girl to the hospital.

    I always heard it as “Un-velc’ed”, where Junior’s got velcro.

    Hahahaha, Norman named after Jennifer’s grandfather. I bet her grandpa is awesome.

    Holy shit, whoever did the Chris Griffin voice was spot-on. :O

    I love how Jennifer is the voice of reason in this draft. She’s telling Marty what we’re all thinking about this. UGH, I hate those kinds of plot complications where one of the characters gets sick of waiting and wanders off two seconds before another character shows up, looking for them.

    I think the pocket-universe idea can work because if you’re only going a very short distance into the future, there’s not the expectation that a world apocalypse will happen in one minute or an hour. But if you’re going a year in the future, 5 years, 30 years, there’s more of a sense of “what will the future look like?” curiosity, which allows for more flexibility in terms of the world, and what the rules of that pocket-universe world would be.

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