Part II Minute 15 – Tannen Genealogy

Part 2 Minute-00015

Marty discovers that his future self is a “loser with a capital L” as Biff’s grandson Griff Tannen enters the Cafe 80s.

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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 15 – Tannen Genealogy

  1. I would love to see a movie with Jennifer facing off against her own bully. I can imagine Jenn totally owning her nemesis and the audience suddenly understanding, “ohhhhh, this is why she and Marty are going out.” They’re such an odd couple it would be hilarious to see them react to situations in similar ways. Like, Jennifer pulls the “Hey Tiff, what’s that over there?!” trick.

    I agree with your point that a psychological bully would be out of place in the very external BTTF universe. I’ve also been thinking about this; it would be out of place because it needs something else this movie doesn’t have, and that is ~~subtlety~~ !! Wowza. This whole film is like a cotton candy rainbow of cartoon adrenaline.

  2. What’s interesting is that if you look at Biff in the revised-timeline, he seems genuinely fond of Marty. The original timeline, he seemed to treat Marty as more of a threat/person to respect than George (given the “What’re you looking at?” ashamed look on his face when he saw Marty watching him and George interacting), but in the revised timeline, he seemed fond of him? And then when you listen to what exactly Biff says about Marty in this scene, Marty is a loser because he flushed his life down the drain (presumably by drag-racing Needles, which we won’t know about until Part 3). And it almost sounds like Biff is annoyed that Marty took such a dumb risk? I mean, yeah, he doesn’t mind having nearly killed Calvin Klein in 1955, but I wonder if he thinks that Marty is supposed to be better than him? Or something? I dunno.

    The idea of Biff feeling the need to inform Marty Jr. about Marty’s loser status seems like it could either be (A) more evidence that Marty Jr. is mentally disabled, and it’s like, “Sweet Jesus, please stop idolizing this schmuck, he’s a loser and you need to face facts, kid”, or (B) Biff is filled with glee at the idea of badmouthing Marty? I dunno.

    The idea of Tiff Tannen as Jennifer’s bully is kind of amazing, actually. I loved Edna yelling outside her window into a megaphone, “TIFF TANNEN. YOU GET AWAY FROM THOSE HUBCAPS.”

    I was wondering how Tiff Tannen was going to change in the Citizen Brown timeline, given that Jennifer became that punk delinquent.

    Yes, Biff was married three times, according to his biographical film in the lobby of Biff’s tower.

    Pictures of Tiff Tannen from the card game, or it doesn’t exist! 😀

    It really is kind of a shame that Part 2 was a re-tread of Part 1. I mean, hoverboards would’ve been awesome, but recreating the chase scene didn’t need to happen because it really showed the man behind the curtain in terms of the technical aspect of the hoverboards. Yeah, there were some shots that looked really good, but a lot of those shots of the chase looked reeeeeeeeeally bad.

    When I watch it, I keep wanting to shake Marty and yell at him to get off the dumb hoverboard and just run because he’ll actually *get away* faster than if he tried to use the dumb hoverboard. The skateboard in 1955 was cool and exciting because we could see the logistics of it, and Marty comes across as being really good at skateboarding, and I believe him when he can do some of those crazy stunts in order to avoid getting seriously injured by Biff and the car. In 2015, it just looks so embarrassingly childish. If the hoverboard *looked* more impressive — if they were able to make it look like it was going really fast — I would’ve believed it, but the way it looks, I keep tripping over my suspension of disbelief and cracking it every other shot or so.

    OMG, a McFly-Tannen romance would be so *fascinating*. Would it be a coolkid McFly? Would it be the One Good Tannen?

    “Two families, both alike in dignity, in Hill Valley, where we lay our scene”? Hee hee. <3

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