Part II Minute 13 – A Whole Lot of Jaws

Part 2 Minute-00013

Marty survives a shark attack, watches a commercial, and does some window shopping before entering the Cafe 80s.

GUEST: Zach Luna of Geek By Night


One thought on “Part II Minute 13 – A Whole Lot of Jaws

  1. If this Jaws 19 was a Bioshock-style movie, that would make it a million times more awesome. :O

    Max Spielberg doesn’t have much in the way of being involved in movies? I mean, there’s one movie where he was the assistant to Amy Irving (who’s his mom).

    Hologram!Bruce makes me think of the technology level of Toy Story, and that came out in 1995. Like, okay, it’s not near that level, but if you look at the bloopers of when the software was screwing up, that looked similar to this shark hologram.

    Okay, dude, where in the world are you getting all of this bizarre trivia? Is this from one of those ginormous coffee-table books about BTTF? Is it lovingly detailed in the 1967 script somehow? Where is it froooom?

    Holy crap, they did? I swear, I need to get that Blu-ray. (I only have the 25th anniversary DVDs.)

    Sweet God, why did they spend so much time developing all of these movies that were never, ever made?


    So, they not only have they predicted that franchises would get ri-donk-ulous, and then reboots happening? I’m surprised that this Jaws franchise hasn’t been rebooted twice.

    So, you’re saying that Jaws 19 as the Sherlock Holmes movie series with RDJ as Sherlock Holmes?

    I love the fact that Goldie Wilson III is using avoiding traffic as the selling point of the hover conversions, AND YET the skyway gets jammed a few minutes later. I love the irony. 😀

    Part of the trouble with the inflation is that, yeah, things got inflated since the ’80s, but isn’t it a thing where prices of certain things might get more inflated than other things? Yeah, a Pepsi might require a $50 to buy, but that could be because the molasses got super-scarce for some bizarre reason, whereas hover conversions might’ve dropped in price because of how many different companies were hover converting cars, and free-market competition drove the price down (if there wasn’t some kind of price floor on hover conversions put into place).

    Then again, I could be completely off, because I don’t know anything about how inflation is calculated, or how it works. ^^;

    Perrier is weird-ass water. Isn’t it carbonated?

    Eh, the zoom-in on the almanac might be for the people who might not have noticed it? I mean, we can talk about aaaaall the details in this one screen shot, but how quick is the shot before it switches back to Marty? In the theaters and on TV, people wouldn’t have been able to pause it (unless they recorded it from the TV).

    I love the idea of Eric Stolz being Alex P. Keaton and Jeff Goldblum as Reverend Jim. <33333

    (omg, boys, are you okay? Do you need a vacation? *cautiously pets you with a backscratcher*)

    I think the reason that Marty looks so confused about the woman leaving the Cafe '80s is because the spandex is practically painted on. Yeah, there were aerobics clothes in the '80s, but they weren't *that* extreme. There would've been the little socks brought to an exact height, and there would've been denim involved somewhere. She's just purple and gold and whoa, that seems kind of nearly naked. @_@

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