Part II Minute 12 – Future Tour

Part 2 Minute-00012

Marty wanders around Courthouse Square, marveling at the future world of Hill Valley 2015.

GUEST: Zach Luna of Geek By Night


2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 12 – Future Tour

  1. The pocket universe theory is interesting, but cannot possibly be true. The Proof: Einstein’s first trip. If Einstein was sent to a pocket universe of his own making, (and my gosh, imagine what that would look like!) he would have never caught up with Doc and Marty one minute later in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot.

    P.S. Love the show, listen every morning after work. <3

  2. I still think it’s interesting that Mr. McFly Thrill Me on Tumblr found a Jaws 19 film in Russia. 😀

    I’d love to see people scuba diving in the pond and can wave to people who’re in the food court. Then again, that pond is really, *really* tiny.

    I love the idea of the mall being entirely underground. I mean, Twin/Lone Pine Malls is implied to be waaay out of town. And the idea of developers taking over the land underneath the courthouse square and then turning it into a mall. Then again, just how *big* is that mall going to be? You could probably fit a food court, sure, but would there be enough room for stuff like a department store, or anything like that? Even here in Savannah, we’ve got two malls, and both of them are kind of sizeable, even though only one of them is two stories high. I’m kind of curious about the logistics, even though the only canon evidence we have of it is the subway-like entrance you guys mentioned.

    A car with the roof as a windshield would be interesting because when it rained, you could see just how heavy it’s raining. ^^;

    Maybe the filmmakers got confused about whether it was an on-ramp or an off-ramp.

    My personal headcanon is that Hill Valley is more northerly! It’s near the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the reason behind it is if you look at the railroad map in Part 3, you can see that there’s mountainous area? I think? And think of how Marty has to run around with a thick vest thingy in October. Isn’t southern CA warmer in the fall/winter? It would make more sense of Hill Valley to be more northerly, and definitely closer to the mountains. I think?

    DUDE, THOSE GAS PRICES. Where did you find those? Are they in a screencap freeze? Or is it in the notes for the 1967 draft? And heck, where did you see that the holomax theater was closing?

    Texaco is still around, and what’s interesting is that Christopher Lloyd is related to the founder of Texaco?

    Simulec as Soylent Green? Oh, geez. O_O

    Okay, wow, the idea of Hayata’s sort of predicting GMO foods is weird and interesting.

    The idea of the future being a projection is actually pretty cool because look at Marty and Jennifer. Both of them were physically removed from the timeline from 1985. And yet, we can see them in 2015, married and with kids. The universe assumes that Marty and Jennifer will return to 1985, get married, and have kids.

    I do like the idea of the future being relative, though. I mean, we keep seeing people (Marty, Biff) fading in and out depending on what happened rippling forward to effect future events.

    The thing with Doc’s traveling is that he went to 2015, he goes back to 1930s because he needs to fund the hover conversion, back to 2015, and then he finds out what happens to Marty, and then back to 1985 to drag Marty and Jennifer. So there’s a lot of Doc going back and forth, and because he’s not making massive ripples himself — he’s the ultimate tourist — the future is still fairly solid.

    Okay, so I went to Germany this past April, and the April before, and there was a section of Bonn where no cars *were allowed to drive*. I could see the courthouse becoming something similar, but there are still cars driving around. (It would’ve been so cool.)

    HOLY GOD, THEY PREDICTED GODZILLA COMING BACK. The Bobs are starting to scare me with how they predicted things.

    Hi, guys! *waves sheepishly* I tripped and fell and need to catch up. A lot.

    *friendly fuzzies*

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