Part II Minute 11 – The Future of the Future

Part 2 Minute-00011

Doc tells Marty about what happens to his kids in the future and reiterates the plan before Marty takes his first steps into the future.

GUEST: Zach Luna of Geek By Night


One thought on “Part II Minute 11 – The Future of the Future

  1. The thing that bothers me about Marty’s kids being named after him is the fact that Jennifer apparently didn’t object. Especially considering that Shue!Jen is more of a match for MJF comedically, I would’ve thought Jen would’ve said, “Oh, HELL no.” I could see Wells!Jen going with it — maybe she was drugged when the kids were born, and Marty named them while she was recovering from the anesthesia. Shue!Jen would’ve clocked Marty. Or yelled at him a lot. (Considering the fact that it comes up that Shue!Jen married Marty out of pity, that could add into it too, but geez.)

    Could you imagine plasmids (the stuff from Bioshock; they’re called vigors in Bioshock Infinite) in the BTTF universe? I mean, in the games, you just sort of find them laying around, or you buy them from vendors or something. But if they’re everywhere, then they’d either be prohibitively expensive, or everybody’s got one, and maybe human biology can only withstand a limited number before you lose all physical cohesion and just turn into a blob.

    But the idea of Doc and Marty doing science experiments with plasmids would be… geez, I dunno. I mean, the idea is just stunning, but at the same time, if Marty could’ve used the Lightning plasmid to just juice up the DeLorean, Part I would’ve been a *lot* shorter. 😀

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