Part II Minute 108 – To Be Concluded

Part 2 Minute-00108

The credits come to a close as Scott and Nick wrap up the “1967” draft and answer emails about post-credit scenes and what we’ve learned doing the podcast.


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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 108 – To Be Concluded

  1. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! Congratulations on another awesomely amazing season!!!! I applauded you at the end of the podcast but only people who aren’t you could hear it and they were duly bemused. You deserve this hiatus.

    Two points from this episode:
    -The climax with Marty throwing stuff out of the DeLorean into the canyon is. So. Sick. Was way more invested in that ending than I anticipated being. It feels like a classic Back to the Future sequence.
    -Ending the series with “When I’m 64.” I can’t say I understand this decision, tonally, but ok.


    • Thanks Haley!!

      I’m really excited to come back next season, but I’m going to enjoy every second of this hiatus haha

  2. Without the car doors, I think Doc and Marty would have been flash frozen while coming back to 1985. I’m glad they didn’t do that.

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