Part II Minute 107 – The True Cost of War

Part 2 Minute-00107

The credits roll on as Scott and Nick continue the “1967” draft and answer emails about Biff-horrific Jennifer, conversations with Bob Gale, and lived-in time periods.


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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 107 – The True Cost of War

  1. Doc interacting with his past dog-companion who is dead in the present — that’s…that’s just Marty’s situation in the first movie with ’55 Doc.

    It might have been cool for 1985 Doc to pick up the key to his 1967 garage from under the welcome mat, like the beginning of part one.

    When I read the 1967 draft and saw Marty’s hope of being conceived was lost and he went into a page-long monologue, I thought it was his goodbye speech. Like his “this is what I’ve learned over my life and now I’ve accepted my fate, take me, death” speech.

    Marty: “Let’s show her we believe in love!”
    (The band begins to play Do You Believe In Love by Huey Lewis & the News)

    I died a hundred times over I’m laughing so hard.

  2. The guys I had a crush on in 1985-89 were (in no particular order): Emilio Estevez, Joey Ramone, Peter Davison, Rick Springfield, Frank Langella, and Peter Weller. There were probably a whole lot more, but these will give you lots of laughs!

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